About Us

Welcome to B3products.com!  After countless trips to cosmetics counters, speciality stores and dermatology specialists, we continued to find ourselves dissatisfied with the information on products currently available on the market.  At B3, we set out to create a series of beauty, bath and body product reviews that are full of useful facts and backed by other reviewers.

Instead of relying on random websites giving you single biased views, we aim to balance product reviews by researching other reviewers and either linking to them or highlighting their thoughts as well as our own.

If you would like to review products for us, do contact us. We are always interested in getting reader contributions to the site.

About the domain B3Products.com. This site used to be an eCommerce site for Barista Bath and Body. As far as we know, the business is no longer operating, and we bought this domain from an auction, because it represents what we wanted to talk about, Beauty, Bath and Body (the three “B”‘s in B3 Products). We are in no way associated with them, and no brand infringement is intended in any way.