Best Fake Tan Application Method

It’s Easy Once you Know How!

Applying fake tan is pretty straight forward.

It doesn’t damage the skin and everything you wear looks better.

There hundreds of products to choose from so your bound to find one that you prefer and of course one that is affordable, after all some product can come with a hefty price tag.

Anyway now that we are in the middle of our so called ‘winter’ its nice to be bronze so we can feel confident when showing off more flesh.

Here are a few tips for home tan application:



Prepare your skin by exfoliating with a nice hot shower. This will remove any dead skin cells so you can apply self tan to an even base. This will help you achieve the best coverage with no blotchy patches. Try some home made body scrubs, or for awesome results, coffee scrubs.


Moisturise all tricky areas i.e. elbows, knees and any other dry areas as the tan will set darker in these areas highlighting them. Some easy to make moisturizers here.


Practice makes perfect! If you’re unsure about applying fake tan, experiment with an instant tan that washes off., so if you make a mistake  or two you can jump in the shower and wash the whole lot off. It’s a perfect way to try out different techniques to see which one help you apply it the best.


Use a mitt or glove:

Tan Mitts

Apply your tan with an application mitt so it is impossible to streak. A mitt is your best friend when it comes to tan and guarantees even coverage. You can also use plastic gloves which I personally find the best as the mitt can be hard to keep on your hand. See some excellent tanning Mitts on Amazon.

Choose the right tan for you:

Choose the product that’s right for you, whether thats a light tan, instant or developing mousse or lotion. Some people find it easier to apply if there is a tint in it so you can see exactly where you have put it on.

Start From the Bottom:

Start with your legs and work your way up your body. Always do hands and feet last. Once you have tanned your whole body use what’s left on the mitt to lighty buff over the top of your hand.

Use cotton pad if preferred:

Alternatively you can apply a little bit of tan to a cotton pad and rub it into the back of your hand, then whatever is left on the pad rub onto your fingers making sure you get between your finger. Also make sure you bend your fingers and ensure you get into the grooves on your knuckles and the top of your fingers.

Wipe away any mess:

Once you’ve done this, just use a make up remover to wipe and remove any tan from the pals of your hands, soles of feet and nails.

Again use cotton pads:

Some people feel its a little risky doing there face, but i find that using a little bit of tan a cotton pad making sure you blend it right into your hairline and the sides of your face should make it turn out perfect.

Moisturise for maintenance:

Maintain your tan by moisturising regularly to hydrate your bodies skin. This will make it last much longer. Try not to use a moisturiser that is too oily as it tends to strip tan.

Protect your skin:

Always remember to use an SPF on top of tan. This is because although your skin is tanned it doesn’t mean the UVA, UVB and UVC rays can’t penetrate your skin.

Faking it isn’t so hard, just follow these basic steps and you should have a flawless sexy tan in no time. Another great way to get a great tan is to use tinted moisturizers.
They leave your skin feeling great and gradually build up a natural looking tan. However you do need to remember that although they are a moisturiser you still need to use the mitt or glaves while applying it as it will turn your hand brown!

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