Choosing Colors for Your Eyes and Lips for the Fall

As an Image Consultant, Make-up Artist, and Stylist I often here 3 main complaints and here is one of the complaints that I hear all the time.

“I’m confused by the makeup trends. The magazines encourage me to buy the latest and trendiest look. I feel paralyzed when its time to decide on a product. How much trendiness is enough? How much is too much? What actually looks good on me?”

Well, included in the article below, we have some tips on your make-up application and colors. There is so much to know about color …. and what colors look best on you, we recommend you contact one of our Image Consultants for more information.

Jewels have adorned women for decades and this Fall we embrace the season of the “Jewels”. That’s Jewel Tones to the Make-Up World, from Ruby Red Lips, Metallic Eyes, and Purple has taken the runway by storm.

Roll out the Red Carpet Ladies because being Glamorous is now in Vogue, as if it ever was out of style.

There are a few rules to follow and make no mistake this look can quickly go from sophisticated to horrific with one swipe of the brush.

  • Berrylious, Bold Lips are Fall’s Glamour Statement
  • Candy Apple Red, Cranberry, Rock the Vote Red,
  • Deepest Berry, Church Lady Red, Deep Burgundy, Caramel
  • Warm Lip Liners
  • Update that make up bag with a new Red Lipstick for your va va voom days and a great Neutral color for when you want the Eyes to say it all. Our Hollywood Glam Sisters would be so proud of the comeback.

If looks could kill the Fall Eyes could revive

  • The Shadows will give you a reason to buy a new makeup case. Shimmering Metallic, Creamy Vanilla, Mocha Browns, Royal Purple, Slate Grey, Deep Blue and even Wine.

For that Sexy Sulty Seductive look, Smoke those Eyes (it’s all about the technique) and this is one you will need to learn for the fall, because the trend is living on.

Here’s how to get that Smoky Eye

  • Start by applying a eyeshadow primer over entire eye
  • Sweep the lightest color over the entire eye.
  • Next, apply the medium eyeshadow shade from the lash line to the crease, blend blend blend.
  • With your Crease Brush apply the Darkest Shade in the Crease and the Outer Corner in a “V” shape. Blending is the key here.
  • Line the eye very close to the lashes for a smokier look. Highlight just below the brow with a nice shimmering color.
  • And complete the look with two coats of Mascara.
  • Practice Practice Practice.
  • My favorite Fall color combo are soft Gold and Purple or Wine and Pewter or Peach and Green. (nude lip works best with this look).
  • The Liners: Black, Slate Grey, Purple Liner (must haves). Colorful liners can update any look, Dare to Be Different.
  • Frame the Face with well Defined Eyebrows, yes ladies Eyebrows are Back in style (personally I’m so excited about this). Years of over plucking, over waxing and razor thin eyebrows are out. Let a professional design those eyebrows to frame those gorgeous eyes, use a shadow to help keep and define the look.
  • Luscious Eyelashes: Fake Them or Enhance Them, just don’t Neglect the Lashes.
  • Tips to apply Mascara:
  • If you have thin eyelashes, try a Mascara Primer before applying your Favorite Mascara.
  • Apply the Second coat before the First coat dry to prevent clumping.
  • Zig Zag the wand back forth to avoid clumping.
  • Apply Mascara to the top and bottom to widen your eyes.

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