How to Avoid Premature Aging

Your face in particular can tell an awful lot about you. It can tell whether you are happy, sad or tired, but most of all it gives people a rough idea of how old you are! For this main reason it is important to learn how to avoid premature aging.

To do this you first need to understand what causes your skin to age. There are in fact many factors that contribute to early aging many of which you can avoid.

You also need to be aware that it is never to late to start caring for your skin either.

Ok so you may have developed some wrinkles, that’s not a problem. There are ways you can greatly lessen the appearance of wrinkles without resorting to botox or other forms of surgery.

Why Does Your Skin Age?

Your skin ages in two ways, internally and externally. Internally our factors cause by nature and the natural processes that occur from getting older.

External factors are those caused by your lifestyle choices!

Internal Factors that Cause aging include:

  • The decrease of collagen production which means your skin begins to lose firmness
  • Fat deposits under your facial skin start to diminish which can lead to excessively saggy skin
  • Your skin retains less moisture than it use to when you where younger
  • New skin isn’t as easily produced and dead skin isn’t shed as fast either
  • Your muscles around your eyes and mouth becoming weaker giving you crows feet and frown lines

As you can see gravity doesn’t have any part to play in aging despite what you may have believed. Studies have actually been carried out to prove this point.

External Factors that Cause Aging Include:

There are quite a few external contributing factors to why your skin ages early. The majority of these can also be prevented or perhaps avoided as much as possible.

1- Sun Exposure

early-ageingSun is the number one reason you will age early. It is believed that 80% of skin damage is because of sun exposure. The UV rays of the sun penetrates deep into the skin causing damage to collagen. This is the protein that holds the skin firmly together giving it that young fresh look.

Once collagen is damaged it can not be restored on its own. It will need the help of surgery or specialized creams or products to help give it firmness back.

2- Smoking


aging-earlyThis horrible habit seriously dries out and cause your skin to develop wrinkles. Whether you are exposed to the smoke first hand (by smoking yourself), or second hand (by being in the same room as someone smoking), you will suffer negative effects it has on the skin.

It has this effects simply because the chemical in the smoke deprive your body of vitamin c which is essential for maintaining healthy youthful skin, as it is responsible for maintaining collagen.

Also the actual act of smoking causes you to squint causing wrinkles around your eyes, and when your constantly pursing your lips you are creating wrinkles around your mouth which deepen the more you do it.

3- Bad Diet

Ensuring you have a healthy balanced diet that provides your body with all the nutrients it needs is essential if you want to know how to avoid premature aging. If we cram foods with little nutritional benefit into our body’s we won’t be able to function properly never mind maintain healthy youthful looking skin!

As i am sure you have already guessed, fruits and vegetables are the best foods for healthy skin as they contain a huge amount of antioxidents which are very beneficial to our skins health.

4- Being Over Stressed

skin-careGoing through a stressful situation isn’t easy on your body and it particularly shows on your face making you look aged.

Stress can cause lack of sleep which means dark circles under your eyes and a dull complexion. Learning how to manage your stress and ensuring you get enough sleep will really help in the battle to avoid early aging.

5- Being Outside Often

People who work outside in particular will notice over the years a major change in their skin. Cold winds will cause it to become extremely dry and cause it to appear older than it should. This is where a good moisturiser comes in useful.

6- Lack of Exercise

A poor physical activity isn’t good for your overall health. If you do get regular exercise you will improve your blood flow which is essential for maintaining healthy skin.

7- Excessive Alcohol

Drinking more than one drink a day can cause your blood vessels to become permanently damaged. This would cause you to appear flush. It may over time lead to broken blood vessels appearing on your skin.

Alcohol also dehydrates your body and therefore your skin, causing you to have a dull complexion.

So How Can You Avoid Premature Aging?

Well now that you know about the causes it is pretty simple to help prevent prematurely aging by simply avoid as many of the external factors as you can.anti-ageing-prevention


  • Basically limit the amount of time you spend in the sun, wear a hat and glasses and always use at least an 30 SPF sunscreen even on cloudy days.
  • Stop smoking, have a balanced diet that contains lots of fruit and vegetables.
  • Learn how to manage your stress more effectively, maybe by taking up yoga or meditation.
  • If your always out in the open make sure you us a moisturiser day and night as well as wearing a scarf to help protect your face in cold weather.
  • Increase your daily physical activity, even 20 minutes a day is enough to make a difference in improving your blood flow.
  • Avoid alcohol or at least cut it down. If you do drink ensure you drink plenty of water afterwards to help hydrate you again.
  • And finally, make sure you carry out a daily skin care regime as you can be sure that prevention is better than cure! Remember its never to late to start looking after your skin.

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