How to Care for your Skin

Carrying out a daily skin care regime will help to keep your skin looking at its best. An adequate regime would include, exfoliating, cleansing, toning and moisturising.

keeping it up everyday or as often as you can, will help you to maintain youthful looking skin. Here are some tips you can follow when caring for your facial skin….


This is the first step in caring for your skin properly and it is a very important step. However it is something a lot of people fail to do.

Men’s skin tends to look much younger than women’s skin, mainly due to them exfoliating when shaving. For women a basic wash cloth used while cleansing the skin is enough to adequately exfoliate your skin also.

All you need to do is message the cleanser into your skin with a damp wash cloth, then rinse with water.

However there are facial scrubs you can get that are designed specially. These scrubs will ensure all dead skin is removed. Other more drastic options include microdermabrasion, chemical peels or retinoids as a more radical option.



Cleansing is the second step you take in maintaining younger skin. Choose a good cleanser that is suitable for your skin type.

Don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune on a cleanser as even cheaper ones work just as good.

One thing you need to avoid doing is using soap. Soap dries out your skin and isn’t the best option.

You can cleans your skin with a cotton pad and the cleanser on its own or you can use warm water to help remove dirt and unclog pores, then apply cleanser and rinse with cool or lukewarm water.


This is an excellent product to include in your daily skin care regime. It is brilliant for closing your pores after cleansing and removing dirt that cleansing might have left behind. Some say it isn’t really a necessary step, but in my opinion it is, especially if you have very oily skin.

Toner is also great for people who have acne prone skin as it helps prevent breakouts. You can choose ones that you massage into the skin or simply spray on.


Moisturising is essential in keeping your skin soft and in great condition. The last thing you want is dry flaky skin!

However once a day is more than enough, because if you do it any more than this you might clog your pores.

Some beauty editors claim that eye moisturising creams are necessary as the skin around your eyes contains no fat at all, meaning it is very prone to wrinkles.

Many of these eye creams are designed to thicken up the eye area, however others believe that your daily moisturising lotion is enough. Basically it is up to you whether you use one or not.

My 4 Step Daily Skin Care Regime

Step 1 – Exfoliate with Nutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating: Simply squeeze some of the ‘deep clean exfoliator’ into your wet hands, then rub together, add a little more water to create a foam and finally massage into your face.

Step 2 – Cleanse with Nutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser: Apply the dermologically tested cleanser to your damp skin, massaging it in gently. Then rinse with warm water.

Step 3 – Tone with Nutrogena Rapid Clear 2 in 1 fight and fadeNext I apply ‘nutrogena rapid clear’ sparingly with a cotton pad and leave it to dry naturally.

Step 4 – Moisturise with Nutrogena Visably Even Daily Moisturizer: Finally I apply my favourite moisturiser to ensure my skin is left soft and supple and not dried out. I suffer from dry skin and this product work wonders. It also contains SPF 30 which is idea for daily protection from sun Damage.

I normally carry out my skin care regime at night just before bed. This gives my skin time to be free from make-up and dirt, allowing it to breath and therefore less likely to develop pimples and blemishes.

In the morning i simply splash my face with lukewarm water and pat dry. This simply removes any excess oil from the moisturiser applied from the night before. It is important to remember to never put hot or cold water near your face as both can cause open capillaries.

Another great skin care tip is to apply a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF everyday even when cloudy. This will prevent UV rays from damaging your skin over the years and therefore preventing premature ageing and of course wrinkles.

If you would like to take a look at the products i use you can visit the following links below:

Exfoliator –>…. Nutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating

Cleanser –>….. Nutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser

Toner –>……… Nutrogena Rapid Clear 2 in 1 fight and fade

Moisturizer –>.. Nutrogena Visably Even Daily Moisturizer

If however you suffer from acne, eczema or psoriasis or perhaps just want a quality skin care kit with spot control, then there is a scientifically developed and clinically proven 6 step skin care solution that is fast becoming know as the best skin care product available and it is called clear skin max.


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