Natural Face Moisturizers

If you want to care for your facial skin properly, it is important that you moisturize it on a regular basis. But, using  chemical products 2-3 times a day is definitely not recommended.

In order to keep the skin really soft and supple, you might want to try a natural face moisturizer. The good thing about natural ingredient face moisturizers is that they tend not to have any harmful side effects and at the same time, they are cheaper and better on your wallet. (This is because you can make them at home with the ingredients already present in your kitchen.)

WARNING: Please make sure you aren’t allergic to any natural ingredients, such as honey or nuts before you try the below.

Check out the list of most effective Natural Face Moisturizer as given here:

Fuller’s Earth

fullers earthFuller’s earth is a nice material which would cleanse your face properly. In case there are any clogged pores, they would be opened up and cleaned thoroughly.

In order to make this moisturizer, you should combine fuller’s earth, milk and honey. Mix them properly and then apply the mixture evenly over your face. After 15 minutes, you can wash it off.


marigoldThe flower known as marigold has miraculous properties to hydrate your face skin. All you have to do is take some petals of this plant. You would need to wet them so that they get very soft and once they get soft, you can mash them into a gentle paste.

After that, mix them with glycerine and apply over the face. Leave on for about 15 minutes and wash your face. You would get instantly soft skin. This face mask can be used as a skin tonic too.

Strawberries and Cream

strawberries and CreamBoth strawberries and cream have properties to hydrate your skin. So, you should really take advantage of this delicious combo. Just cut the strawberries and add cream to them. You can also use curd if cream is not available and lemon juice can also be added to it.

Do not apply this mixture instantly, let it cool by leaving in the refrigerator and after it cools, you can apply it over your face. You can then wash it off after 20 minutes. Instead of using as a face mask, you can also use it as a scrub.


avacadosAvocados are one of the best skin products. You can use it to get hydrated skin immediately.

All you have to do is take some avocados and cut them, add lemon juice, honey and cream to them and grind them so as to make a paste. Then, apply this mask over the face gradually and keep on massaging with fingers. Then, wash the face.

Walnut Seeds

walnutWalnut seeds are also an excellent face moisturizer. You just need to grind them along with cream or curd.

Milk can also be used of cream or curd are not available, but then, it would be too thin to be applied on the face. As soon as you would wash your ace after applying this paste, you would feel that your skin is so fresh now.

Olive Oil and Egg

olive oil and eggNot only your hair, but the face can also be moisturized with the help of olive oil and egg mixture. You just need to take olive oil, an egg and some lemon juice and mix them all.

Apply it over the face evenly, leave on for some time, and then wash off the face with lukewarm water. In case your skin is very dry, this would be best natural face moisturizer for you.


OatmealIn case oatmeal is left over in your kitchen, do not let it go waste, but use it as a Natural Face Moisturizer.

Add honey to it for added radiance and then apply it over your face. You can add water if the mixture is too thick. Wash off the face after some time and in case you have dry skin, you would be surprised by the results.

Yogurt and Orange Juice

yogurt and orange juiceOrange juice is very good for the health of the face. In orange juice, you can add yogurt and lemon juice as well. Then, apply this mixture over your face and wash the face after some time.

Even if you have normal skin, you would feel that your face has a new radiance which you never felt before.

Olive Oil

olive oilOlive oil can definitely act as a moisturizer for the face skin. You would need to wash your face with warm water first, so that the pores get opened, then, you can massage olive oil all over your face using the tips of the fingers.

As the olive oil would seep into your pores, you would feel your skin getting better. Then you can wash off your face with water.

Green Tea

green teaGreen tea has a large number of benefits, with the face moisturizing being the number one. After washing your face off the olive oil, you can cleanse the face using green tea.

There are different flavors of green tea available, and if possible, you can try the one with lemon. The antioxidants present in the green tea would put a new life into your facial skin along with hydrating it.

Olive Oil and Sugar

olive oil and sugarExfoliating can bring good results to your skin. It would keep your skin soft and supple for the complete week.

Just take olive oil and mix sugar in it. Then, apply it all over your face after washing the face. Keep it like that for some time and then wash it off. For washing, make sure that you use warm water only.


buttermilkButtermilk contains all the important ingredients you need for a moisturized and healthy looking skin. Once in a while, you should wash your face with buttermilk.

Also, you can try soaking cotton in buttermilk and then applying it all over your face, then, wash it off after some time. In case you see dry patches all over your face, you can try putting the cotton swabs dipped in buttermilk over those patches, you would be shocked with the results.

Shea Butter

shea butterShea butter is a very good face moisturizing agent and the good part about it is that it is present in most of the market products too, so you would have any problem in trusting it.

In case you have other skin problems like pimples and all, Shea butter would be the best natural face moisturizer for your skin. This butter is made to act on the sensitive skin types as well.

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