Almond and Vanilla Candles

We love our candles and typically look for those with essential oils for a consistent scent that permeates the atmosphere without overpowering it.

Vanilla and almond candles are reminiscent of your favorite bakery – just scrumptious! Below we have some of the best Vanilla or Almond Candles (or both if they exist!) to compliment your beauty “me time”!

  1. Vanilla Orchid and Almond ($38.00 )by  NEST Fragrances
  2. Vanilla Bean Walnut Highly Scented Hand Poured Modern Glass Jar Candle  ($19.95) by Shortie’s Candle Company
  3. YAlmond Cookie Tea Light Candles ($13.89)by the Yankee Candle Company
  4. Soy Wax Candle Candied Vanilla Almond ($39.95) by MOR Cosmetics
  5. Almond, Vanilla and Ginger Soy Candle ($30.00) by Cate Chestnut
  6.  Ice Cream Shop 3 Wick Candle  ($19.94) by Bath and Body Works
  7. JLS Sweet Almond & Macaroon Candle  ($82.95) by Jo Malone
  8. Gift Boxed Soy Wax Candle, Honey Almond ($15.90) by Michel Design Works, Co
  9. Indigo Wild Zum Glow Soy Candles, Almond ($15.00) by Zum
  10. Votive Candle, Vanilla Orchid and Almond ($14.00 ) by NEST Fragrances
  11. Febreze Toasted Almond Candle ($12.86) by Febreze
  12. Gift Boxed Large Soy Wax Candle, Honey Almond ($24.99) by Michel Design Works, Co
  13. Almond Butter Pound Cake Papa Jar Candle ($24.00) by Cheerful Giver

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