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b3 shave



coffee-based grooming system

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The quest for the "perfect shave" parallels the history of the civilized world—from flint and stone in the Neolithic Period to the disposable razor revolution of the 1960's.  While each of the 72% of men who shave with a blade and razor (wet shaving) are unique, the definition of the "perfect shave" is universal -  a soothing experience which results in silky-smooth skin without irritation that lasts longer reducing the "five o'clock shadow" effect.

Our b3 shave grooming system is a 4-step process that results in one of the closest shaves imaginable and skin that is embraceably soft and smooth.

    grind coffee skin polish is a gentle exfoliant that cleanses, removes dead skin cells, opens pores and raises stubble for a closer shave

    fix coffee pre-shave oil lubricates the skin, softens and naturally lifts the beard while locking in moisture – critical for a close shave

    buzz coffee shave cream is rich in natural emollients, provides maximum glide, and minimizes razor burn

    chill coffee post-shave soother calms irritation, balances the skin's moisture content and helps prevent in-grown hairs and clogged pores

The average man spends 140 days of his life shaving – with our b3 shave system that time is well spent!

An $82.00 Value for $65.00


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