Back exercises for youth & vigor

Learn how to assure a healthy back, what your goals should be, how to supplement exercise with a few surprising interventions to keep your back healthy or even treat back problems.

Helpful back pain facts and tips

  • Back problems affect millions
  • Between 2 – 6 million Americans suffer serious back pain every year.
  • At some point in their lives, 4 out of 5 adults will suffer a pain severe enough to warrant medical care.

For many years, surgery was often performed on sufferers. However, surgery has come to be increasingly viewed as ineffective and unnecessary.

If back surgery is recommended seek alternate opinions.

Now, back workouts are regarded as the best treatment for back problems.

Back pain guide: other great tips for helping your back

  • *Upon injury, immediately drink a few glasses of water with a couple ofanti-inflammatories. Aspirins are fine.
  • *Drink water, lots of water, on a regular basis. Why? The discs in your back need to be hydrated to be supple enough to stabilize your spinal column. Keeping your discs healthy could help you avoid many back problems including sciatica. Also doing exercise for back pain help shift discs & fluids in spinal column around where they are supposed to be.
  • *Activity heals a bad back. In addition to back pain exercises, regular activities like gardening, shopping or recreational ones like dancing should be kept up.
  • *Sleep on a firm mattress with knees somewhat bent. Even the best lower back exercise can’t correct the damage that sleeping incorrectly for 8 hours can cause.
  • *Sit with at least one knee above hips.
  • *When standing, rest one foot on a raised object

See more exercises on WebMD here

Back conditioning exercises should aim at:

  1. Strength Increasing your back strength, even moderately, will make you better at sports & at work, make bones stronger, lower risk of osteoporosis, tone & shape muscles. Especially, make sure that exercises include lower back exercise to strengthen lower part of the back.
  2. Flexibility Normally decreases with age leading to many back problems. Increasing flexibility will improve movements, improve range of motion, make you better at sports and other physical activities. When suffering with back pain, exercises that stretch & condition the entire back are a must.
  3. Endurance Back muscles should be trained to tire less easily, maintain ability to work or exercise for longer periods of time. When you exercise for back pain, aerobic exercise must be included because fatigued muscles are more likely to injure.
  4. Balance All parts of your back must be conditioned or the imbalances will lead to strain and injury. Moreover, other parts of the body must be conditioned to support and balance strong, flexible back muscles. That’s why abdomen and leg conditioning exercises must be a part of the workout picture. Whether you are performing exercise for back pain, lower back exercise, a good program must not neglect other body parts.
  5. Body weight Another reason to control weight, especially the tummy bulge. A fat belly pulls the lower spine forward causing strain & chronic back problems. All the exercises for back pain would be for naught if your belly is straining your back 24 hours a day. If you are overweight, make sure to do lower back exercise aimed at strengthening the lower back muscles.

Your condition will improve if you stay active, avoid stressful positions & activities that may increase cause back pain, use ice, and take anti-inflammatories when needed. For low back pain, exercise is the best prescription. If you are into Yoga, then you could use these Yoga tips to help deal with the pain.

When not in acute pain, do gentle strengthening & stretching exercises for your stomach, back, and legs. Exercise helps decrease low back pain help you recover faster.

Exercises for lower back pain are simple & can be done at home without any special equipment. If you can afford them, back massagers are great – ideally find a good one – check this site for decent back massager reviews

Don’t let fear of pain keep you from trying gentle activity. Try to be active soon after noticing pain. Gradually increase activity level. Too little activity causes loss of flexibility, strength, and endurance, more pain & risk of re-injury.

In addition to low back pain exercise, your program should include overall back exercises, exercises for all body parts and cardiovascular conditioning. If you have a belly, try to lose some of it.

Remember, that all of your systems and parts are connected. A weak part can drag down a strong part. A good example is haw a big belly pulls the lower spine forward causing strain and injury.

The following program of lower back exercise should be done daily:

  • You should hold positions for 5 – 20 seconds, doing from 1 – 3 reps.
  • Start slowly if you are out of shape & build up.
  • Do a light 10 minute warm up first.
  • Walking, cycling, jumping jacks are ok.

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