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our philosophy

The vision and mission of b3 is to develop a line of bath and body products that were natural, safe, effective and promoted the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate. When it came to determining formulations, we began by defining what we, as consumers, would expect from each of our products:

      • a shampoo should cleanse without drying, make the hair shine, and promote the hair’s innate ability to regenerate
      • a conditioner should moisturize without weighing hair down, make the hair feel silky smooth, and help the hair to retain its inherent elasticity
      • a shower gel/soap should cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural moisture and leave the skin soft and glowing
      • a cream should return lost moisture to the skin and assist the body retain its natural suppleness
      • a scrub should effectively remove dead skin cells, promote circulation and leave the skin smooth and vibrant
      • a body mist should provide a refreshing hint of scent and be delivered in a pH balanced manner
      • a lip balm should provide therapeutic relief with a pleasing taste

When we set about identifying natural ingredients that would meet the above expectations and conducted research into their benefits, coffee and coffee extracts prevailed in almost every category.  

barista bath and body believes our line of products brings the delight and bliss of coffee and all of its inherent benefits to the bath.

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