Best Orthopedic Shoes For Women

The feet are one of the most important parts of the body when it comes to doing regular work. Think about all the work that you do and the number of times you stand up or walk to get things done. Just think about it for a couple of minutes and you will know why the feet are so important. Now imagine you get some pain in those very feet.

Every time you stand up there is this dull pain in your feet, once you walk it increases in intensity with every step; and if you love to play sports the pain can becoming intolerable.

For such problems the best solution is orthopedic shoes. Though feet problem are common in both men and women, the problem generally is more severe in women.

This is because of the natural build of a woman. A slight body with thin and long soles really is not built for long hours of work standing or even a lot of sport – unless you have trained your body for that. As a result there is a good chance that women get such feet problems more than men. If you have known issues such as supination, underponation, or plantar fasciitis, then you should get shoes made to help those conditions.

The best solution for such problems is orthopedic shoes for women. Brands such as Vionics are built for the kind of support you need.


There are proven results that use of the orthopedic shoes in women helps reduce the pain to a great extent. If you have some pain in your feet, it is a good idea to get some decent orthopedic shoes to help you ease the pain. Given that these shoes can actually help relieve the pain, it is a good option to try out.

Main Orthopedic Shoe Brands

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These are some of the most popular orthopedic shoe brands for women, with a full range, from sandals to dress shoes:

Buying Orthopedic Shoes

Here are some common features of orthopedic shoes:

  • Hook and loop designs in these shoes gives the foot more space to move around which adds to the comfort.
  • A wider toe box will give them more space to spread out; generally orthopedic shoes will not be designed to scrunch your toes. If you are diabetic then consider diabetic shoe brands.
  • Most orthopedic shoes are well aerated or have removable inner soles to get rid of the stench of sweat.
  • Orthopedic shoes never come in high heels. At the most you will find moderate heels for people who prefer to use them on special occasions as a dress shoe.
  • Outsole in most shoes is made from rubber to give enough grip while walking on the roads.
  • Some shoes will have stretchable and well padded shoe tongue. This helps get a more comfortable fit and at the same time reduced itching and other problems.

There are many off the shelf orthopedic shoes that you can pick from. However, if your pain does not subside even after regular use, it is better to consult a podiatrist. Chances are that you need some professional help and custom designed shoes.

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