Best Rated Athletic Walking Shoes

Athletic Walking Shoes are shoes that are designed, both in style and construction, specifically for more rigorous walking. Athletic walking is walking that is done for exercise, sport, or physical activity. This kind of walking differs from daily routine walking in that the distances may be longer, the terrain may be more challenging, your speed may be increased, and there may be more significant inclines and declines.

Athletic walking is an exercise routine in the same way that jogging, running, or any other sport is. It is not just daily walking, errands, or strolling. While the comfort and performance of athletic walking shoes inspire wearers to wear them often, they really are designed for sport – endurance walking or walking for exercise. Keep in mind that these shoes are not just sneakers. High performance athletic walking shoes might be sneakers, but they also might be hiking boots, sandals, or casual shoes. If you walk on concrete, see our best shoes for concrete walking.

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Who Wears Athletic Walking Shoes?

There is a wide range of people who wear athletic walking shoes because they are uniquely comfortable and supportive. However, the majority of people wear them as part of an exercise routine.

They are designed for sport.

You won’t see a lot of teenagers wearing them, though. Top athletic walking shoes can be expensive, as you are paying for a superior product.

Adults who are committed to health, quality, and lasting footwear see these shoes as an investment that will deliver on performance and durability.

Should You Be Wearing Athletic Walking, Too?

If you have been intending to begin, revitalize, or improve your physical activity, athletic walking shoes can be a great motivator. Great fit and comfort make starting or changing any routine easier, and top quality athletic walking shoes are perfect for this.

Even as a novice, high quality athletic walking shoes are critical because you need the most support and durability as you build up your strength and endurance. For more seasoned and fit athletes, you already know the importance of quality footwear! At the end of this review you will find a list of the best places to purchase any of these shoes.

Top Athletic Walking Shoes

The following are the top ten athletic walking shoes from the top companies. There is a range in price, but each one is a top performer in the areas that count the most for athletic walking. A great athletic walking shoe should be designed for:

  • Comfort
  • Fit
  • Support
  • Durability
  • Traction
  • Quality Materials & Construction
  • Style

ASICS Athletic Shoes

ASICS GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Women

Features – A great range of styles, designs, and colors for both men and women. Fit based on the “Freedom Fit” – a roomier toe box and a more narrow and snug heel and instep. Lightweight and flexible.

Price – A wide price range from $20.00 to $220.00+, depending on style and retailer. Expect to pay more for hiking boots, less for thong sandals. Sneakers average $80.00.

Size & Fit – True to size and width. Moderate arch support. Have wide options

Best Asics Athletic Walking Shoes

  • Asics Men’s GEL-Quickwalk 2 SL Walking Shoe – Read Reviews
  • ASICS Women’s GEL-Quick WK 2 Walking Shoe Read Reviews

New Balance

New Balance 1745

Features – They are extremely comfortable, durable, and breathable shoes. New balance have a long history of making good shoes, and their walking ranges are usually in most best seller lists.

Price – The price range is from around $30.00 for Flip-Flops to over $100.00 for the most recent sneakers. The average price is around $85.00 for sneakers.

Size & Fit – True to size and width. Moderate arch support.

Company Details – New Balance has been making exclusively fitness and performance shoes for years, making it an expert in the field. New Balance is a major player in performance footwear with years of experience and expertise behind its products.

Best New Balance Athletic Walking Shoes

Why Customers Love New Balance – Customers who wear New Balance shoes tend to be very loyal. They love the sleek looking designs for everyday wear and exercise. Comfort and looks rate at the top.

Reebok Walking Shoes


Features – Using the traditional sneaker as the foundation, reebok walking shoes are made specifically for purpose. Breathable materials, comfortable, and supportive – all of the features you expect from Reebok footwear.

Price – There is a pretty large price range from $25.00 – $110.00 for sneakers. Varying styles and retailers may affect the price to an extent.

Size & Fit – True to size and width. Moderate arch support.

Company Details – A long-standing company, Reebok has been producing sneakers and fitness shoes for years. This is a trusted company that has experience and expertise behind it.

Best Reebok Athletic Walking Shoes

Why Customers Love Reebok – Custom styles, comfort, toning, and durability, Reeboks are a continued favorite among athletes and novices alike.

Where To Buy These Athletic Walking Shoes

I’m sure you’ll find the right shoe for you on this list.  I prefer to buy most my shoes online at Amazon, simply because of all the customer reviews – they allow you to really make up your mind, at your convenience.

Athletic Walking Shoes are great for exercise walking, working out at the gym, for just casual wear.

The right shoes for athletic walking!

The right shoes for athletic walking!

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