How To Choose Walking Shoes

For people who love to walk would want the perfect walking shoes. This type of individuals has a special need to make their walk a more comfortable and fun experience. However, people who love to walk are not experts on shoes. To help out here is a guide on choosing the right walking shoes. If you walk on concrete, and need shoes for walking on concrete, read this guide.

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What to Look For

There are several qualities to focus on and these are flexibility, a flat and not flared heel, the wiggle room for toes and lightness.


The shoes should be soft enough that you can bend and twist them. This is important since your foot will flex whenever you take a step. A stiff shoe will force your foot in a fight against it with each step. This can be very painful to your foot and will give you a lot of inconvenience when walking.


The heel of a walking shoe should be flat and stable providing sufficient cushion for the heel of your foot.

Wiggle Room

It is important that your toes are able to wiggle in the walking shoes that you are wearing. This means the shoes offer enough space for your feet to breathe.


No one would want to walk on shoes that feel like you are dragging them. Walking shoes should be light and easy to walk with. The best ones are so light that you will feel like you are wearing slippers.


The walking shoes should fit your feet perfectly. This trumps the rest of features to look for. A shoe that perfectly fits your foot is the one that is never tight anywhere, allows your toes to wiggle and cozy all over your foot which results to no blisters and bruised toenails.

When to Look for Walking Shoes

You must never be in a hurry to buy a pair of walking shoes. To give you an idea, walking shoes should be replaced, at least, after six months. This is the minimum estimated duration for the walking shoes to remain usable, usable in a sense that you can still walk using them without problems. So when you start becoming uncomfortable using your old walking shoes then it is time to shop around for a new one.

Take your time and try on several walking shoes brands and design. Be practical and prioritize quality the most. Consider also the brand of shoes known for making quality and durable walking shoes. They shoes could be more expensive than the rest but you are assured that your walking shoes will last long enough before you need to replace them.


Some running shoes are also good for walking and are more comfortable and accommodating than common walking shoes. This is because running shoes are designed to provide comfort during the time the foot is used at its fullest, when we run. So try one and you can compare the difference with your walking shoes.

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Also consider your foot type. There is normal arch which means a normal foot, a flat foot which creates the most foot print since there is almost no arch and the high arch. Several walking shoes have soles designed for specific foot types.

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