Extra Wide Shoes – Your Best Guide to Buying Shoes for Wide Feet


Do you need extra wide shoes? Your feet are two of the most important parts of your body. Unfortunately, they are also some of the most abused. In the name of fashion, and even convention, we’ve done unspeakable things to our poor feet – from cramming them into tiny spaces to forcing them into unnatural shoe styles.

In this day and age we know better than do to that, right? Save yourself a trip to the podiatrist and start wearing shoes that fit. Put your feet into extra big or extra wide shoes if you need them. There is no reason to buy and wear shoes that don’t fit you. Any size shoe can be found on the internet, even stylish pairs of extra wide shoes. So what is stopping you from giving your toes the room they need to breathe? The answer should be absolutely nothing. Your feet are important! Take good care of them.


Different Types of Extra Wide Shoes

Extra wide shoes need not be ugly. Like any other shoe, they can be dressy or casual; made from leather or canvas and flat or elevated by heels. But how do you find these scions of the shoe world?

The first step is to get your foot measured by a shoe professional.

Even if you have been measured before, your shoe size can change. It’s good to check the size of your feet, at least once every year. While your feet shouldn’t be growing – especially if you are an adult – they do gain weight and retain water like the rest of the human body. It’s always good to check on their size.

Once armed with a shoe size, you can start committing to a shoe style. Remember to choose a pair of shoes that not only compliments your outfit, but is appropriate to the occasion.

When it comes to the style of a shoe, something that resembles a sneaker might look and feel more comfortable to you than a dress shoe. But it’s important to give dress shoes, especially ones that are your proper size and width, a chance to grow on you. Dress shoes that fit you properly should feel just as good as sneakers on your feet. You may find that you can wear your sneakers less and your casual or dress shoes more.


What To Look For In Extra Wide Shoes

To cover your wardrobe basics, you need a pair of black dress shoes, brown dress shoes and casual shoes that aren’t sneaker-like. If you are someone who needs extra wide shoes, think about a pair of sandals, which can allow your feet room to expand.

For women, peep-toed shoes may also provide a great option for a wider shoe that is still stylish. For men and women, a dressy type of flip flop can provide the extra width you need and the style you crave. Just be careful where you wear them and what you wear them with. Even though it’s a dressy flip flop, it’s still a flip flop. Be sure you wear them as casual shoes.

There are other important elements that all shoes should have for your health and safety. Look for shoes that have pronounced arch support, this will allow you to wear the shoes longer. Also desirable in a shoe is a well-padded sole. This feature not only adds comfort, but contributes to the overall well-being of your feet. Finally, you also want the bottom of the shoes to be grooved or ridged in some way for traction. It will keep you from sliding on slick surfaces.

Tips For Buying Extra Wide Shoes

Don’t try to buy shoes without a plan. You will end up wandering the aisles of a shoe store aimlessly for hours. When buying extra wide shoes, it’s important to keep in mind:

  • The color shoe that you want.
  • The style of shoe that you need.
  • Whether the style of the shoe is one that provides of enough movement for current and perhaps future needs.

Some of the best places to buy shoes, especially in hard to find sizes and widths, are shoe discount sections on Amazon. The selection of shoes on Amazon is impressive, in terms of color, style and size. The internet opens shoe choices to unlimited possibilities. Just be sure that you are buying shoes from a site that allows for returns.


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