How To Choose Sandals

Sandals can be for casual daily activities or for parties. Knowing how to choose sandals is important once the need to buy a pair arises.  This may seem trivial to most individuals. However, there are considerations that you must make in choosing the right pair. To give you a better perspective here is the guide on how to choose sandals.

What Are The Sandals For?

Sandals have a purpose. They can be just for casual walk or as an alternative for shoes. Then there are also sandals for parties and for more glamorous places. Looking for a pair of sandals for casual usage is easy. It is when the sandals are for something specific like parties and get-together events.

Party sandals depend on the party itself. If the dress code requires fashionable attires like cocktail dresses then the sandals should be a match.

For themed parties such as costume parties such as a toga party the perfect sandals can be a challenge and you may need to design one yourself.

Picking the Right Pair Of Sandals

The Perfect Fit

This one is easy. If you know the size of your slippers then you will know the size of your sandals. You can test several pairs of sandals until you get the feel similar to your previous sandals.

The Heels

Standard sandals for box sexes have the flat 0.9 inch heels. For women, you have the wedge which normally has 2.4 inch heels and sandals with heels of stilettos. Party sandals will have taller heels while casual ones are within the 2 inch range.

Materials Of The Sandals

In case the sandals you are planning to buy have straps then these must not rubbing against the skin or dig into it.  Also look for arc support as well and flat surfaces that will effective mimic the comfort of flip flops.

Sandals with straps that dig into the skin or rub against it can cause painful blisters and even swollen feet from just using them. Check also for quality and durability by checking the stitches and how the sandals are put together. Look for defects in the stitching and on how adhesives are applied and if found ask for another pair of the same sandals and check again.

When To Buy Branded And When Not To

For sandals fit for parties and glamorous activities, go for the brands that cater for such sandals. For casual sandals you do not have to buy branded ones. And example of sandals that should be branded is a pair of gladiator sandals and the ones that are high-heeled. Branded sandals, especially the most popular ones, will be expensive. Quality casual sandals can be cheaper than what you are expecting.

This is how to easily pick a pair of sandals.

Again, the primary factor on how you choose is the purpose of the sandals. Also remember to prioritize quality, then the looks of the sandals. A cool-looking set is not worth it if it breaks on your first use. So always pay for quality instead of paying for the name.

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