Kalsø’s Earth Shoes For Women

There have been many innovations in footwear over the years. However, none have been more unconventional than the Earth shoes. The Earth shoes are based on the concept of negative heels. What this means is that the soles of these shoes are thicker than regular shoes and at the same time the heels are thinner. So when you wear them you will find them to be quite odd. In fact when they were first advertised, it was said that walking in them is like walking on the beach.


These were invented in Scandinavia in the 1970s and were an instant hit back then. Though the hype around the shoes has kind of died, the fan following for these shoes has not died. Many people have found that the earth shoes can help build a better posture with regular use. Many people who workout, also believe that earth shoes can help burn more calories for the same effort as a regular shoe – which makes these shoes quite people with people practicing aerobics and yoga.

One of the interesting concepts with earth shoes is the break in period. Since we are used to shoes with positive heels, we cannot immediately adapt to the earth shoes. To avoid feeling uncomfortable and uncertain at the start, you need to get acclimatized to these shoes. At first use them for shorter time periods.

With time you can increase the time period for which you use them. Once you get comfortable wearing it all the time, you would have crossed the break in period.

When you are getting a show you need to make it certain that the shoes fit your perfectly. You do not want to get into negative heel shows if it does not fit you properly.

Earth shoes come in all kinds of shapes and models: casual wear, sport, boots and sandals are some of the common models that you can pick from. The material used in these shoes also varies. Right from leather to man-made material you can pick and choose the material that suits you the most.

The benefit of manmade material like microfiber and nylon is that you get a wide range of color to pick and choose. Typically, the models for women tend to come in more varieties and colors.


The Earth shoes are special kind of shoes that also help the women in reducing arthritis and other feet related problems. There are people who stick to using these shoes the whole day for all activities as it gives them relief from pain. However, remember that foot pain and arthritis can occur due to various reasons. You need to get a thorough examination of your problem from a specialist before picking an earth shoe for your pain.

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