MBT Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis – Podiatrist Recommended

Men are far more forgiving about the appearance of their footwear, but even MBT Shoes can make men pause with its distinct look. But, every guy I know who has actually put a pair on has been sold immediately on the fit and function. Men and women seem to love the comfort these shoes give them. I think it makes them feel good to suck every little bit of productivity out of even walking! They also feature on our best shoes for walking on concrete.

And there are enough very cool, hip looking styles so these shoes are a great match for the modern man and woman who loves an individual look.

Find Best Deals on MBT Shoes

Features – The first of the rocker bottom shoes, MBTs paved the way and set the mark very high for the competition. A thick, curved sole that is designed to simulate walking in the sand, these shoes have been called the “anti-shoe.”  These shoes are not made for high-impact activity.

Price – A wide range depending on style and retailer that goes from $100.00 to over $260.00. Expect to pay more for the most recent styles.

Size & Fit – True to size and width. Moderate arch support.

Company Details – MBT stands for “Masai Barefoot Technology,” and the company believes that shoes should be designed according to the whole body, not just the foot. The result is a shoe that improves the overall health of the body, not just the foot.

Why Customers Love MBT – The main thing that people love about MBT shoes is that they deliver on the health and physical claims. Wearing MBTs can help with a range of foot related problems, such as plantar fasciitis and they are often recommended by podiatrists.

It is the actual shape of the MBT shoe that causes this – when your heel strikes the ground, it sinks into the curved back of the shoe and your body must balance. As your foot continues to roll over from the instep to the toe, with each movement, the balance of your body shifts – forcing your body to compensate

Find Best Deals on MBT Shoes

MBT Shoe Construction & Design

The key to MBT is its patented sole structure. The thick, multi-layered curved sole provides a “springy” base for you foot to rest in and walk on. The instability created by this shape simulates a natural walking surface. And the technologically advanced materials that go into the solid construction of this shoe make it durable and comfortable.

What You Need to Know about the Fit & Sizing of MBT Men’s Shoes

MBT shoes are sized according to European standards, so it important to make sure that you have the correct conversion.  And, instead of half sizes, MBT uses thirds.  This is why buying your MBT shoes from knowledgeable retailer like is important.  Here are the conversions for the most common males shoe sizes.

  • US Men’s 8 = MBT 41
  • US Men’s 8.5 = MBT 41 2/3
  • US Men’s 9 = MBT 42 1/3
  • US Men’s 9.5 = MBT 43
  • US Men’s 10 = MBT 43 2/3
  • US Men’s 10.5 = MBT 44 1/3
  • US Men’s 11 = MBT 45
  • US Men’s 11.5 = MBT 45 2/3

MBT also offers sizes as small as 5.5/6 and as large as 13.

Buying Men’s MBT Shoes

Men may be more willing to sacrifice a little style but never price!!  That’s why I recommend that you guys make your first stop amazon.com  It will also be your last.  They wont to try to convince you to buy some pricey shoe you don’t want.

Most retailers have a very small selection of Men’s MBT shoes, but Amazon carry a large range of them (even discontinued styles).

They help you make the right choice for your lifestyle.  And best of all they have the lowest prices, by far.  You’ll find a great pair of Mens’ MBT shoes at the best price.  They are the #1 shoe retailer worldwide for a reason.

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Source Podiatry.com MBT Australia

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