Naot Shoes Review: Amazingly Comfortable Shoes for Walking

Naot shoes are amazingly comfortable – they should be, they were designed with comfort in mind! most people would recognise the name for their popular range of sandals, however they do a really good range in dress and smart shoes. also ideal for walking on concrete all day.

Best Place To Buy Naot Shoes

As wonderful as Naot Shoes are, they can be hard to find.  They are carried mainly by speciality shoe retailers, who usually have a small selection of styles and sizes.  The god thing is Amazon carries a large range of not only the current styles and sizes – and they also carry a large selection of discontinued styles.  Check out The Top Naot Shoes on Amazon  and find the style and size you’re looking for.  You’ll discover styles that are not available anywhere else.

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The Naot Shoe Footbed Makes All The Difference

Most shoe manufacturers approach shoe inserts as an afterthought.  The shoe inserts that come with most shoes, even higher priced shoes, are flimsy and offer little support.  That is NOT the case with Naot.

The Naot removable footbed is the soul (excuse the pun) of the shoe.  It is made of natural latex and flaked cork.  It is then surrounded by another layer of natural sponge latex padding that caresses the foot and helps create that “walking on a cloud” feeling.  The materials are designed to mold to your foot (over time), so the footbed gently makes an impression of your foot (like your footprint in the sand).  This helps the footbed form to your foot perfectly like no other shoe does.

Naot goes even further by providing support where shoe manufacturers don’t.

The Naot footbed incorporates unique hallux (this would be your big toe) support that helps keep your big toe (or hallux, if you prefer that term) in place, which will help with your balance and improve your gait.

The elevated foot bed center relieves strain behind the ball of your foot.  The arch support is designed to keep the foot in proper alignment, and reduces pressure generated by the spinal column and joints.  The composite materials in the footbed forms itself to your foot, uniquely accommodating low or high aches.  Other shoes just don’t do that.

The heel is deeply indented, which cradles your heel and keeps it in place.  This maximizes your body’s natural ability to cushion every step with your heel pad, and reduces sock on your spine and knee joints.

Tips On Getting The Right Size For A Perfect Fit

  • Naot Shoes run true to size to a half size larger and are slightly narrow.
  • Naot Boots, Clogs, and Sandals tend to run true to size and width.

There is a lot that goes into shoes that feel this comfortable. Naots come in whole sizes.  When ordering, stay within your normal shoe size range.  If you wear a half size, choose the size that is a half size smaller.

For example: if you normally wear size 8.5 choose size 8.  If you have very wide feet you might want to order the next size up (a size larger than you normally wear).

Naot Shoe Styles

  • Naot Boots – low, mid-calf, and knee high lengths.  They range from stretch, wedge, flat, and high heel (2 – 2 ¾).
  • Naot Clogs – Available in wedge or flat styles.
  • Naot Sandals – A wide range of styles including: Slides, Backstraps, Thongs, Wedges, and Flats.
  • Naot Shoes – A wide range of options which include: Lace Ups, MaryJanes, Slip Ons, Flats, and Wedges.
  • Naot for Men – a really smart range of shoes for men, perfect for walking in and if you have foot problems.

With 139 colors and four primary styles, Naot Shoes can meet almost any taste.

12 Most Popular Naot Shoe Styles

  • Ashley
  • Avery
  • Carly
  • Falsetto
  • Faso
  • Fiona
  • Hoop
  • Kayla
  • Loop
  • Matai
  • Orion
  • Paris
People Do Love Their Naot Shoes

“These are my second pair of Naot Shoes, and I love them.” “These are the most comfy shoes ever, I have 3 pair.”

The Bottom Line

There is no such thing as a perfect shoe, but Naot comes close.  It is definitely worth adding Naot Shoes to your wardrobe.  For the best price and largest selection of Naot Shoes of any retailer, you can’t go wrong with The #1 Naot Shoe Retailer (click the link to go there now).  Pick up a pair of Naot Shoes.  You’ll be glad you did.

Discover Naot For Men    Discover Naot For Women

  • Design 9.2

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