Rieker Antistress Shoes – Perfect Smart Walking shoes for Men and Women

Colorful, artistic, and superior comfort – this is how I would sum up the entire Rieker shoes collection for men and women! I like the “Anti-stress Blanche” in red and the “Doris” in black, and these two pairs of shoes i would say are brilliant for walking. With a natural yet urban styling, Rieker shoes are comfortable and fashion-forward.

Where To Buy Rieker Shoes

With their distinct and fresh look, Rieker shoes are often imitated. Be very careful buying imitations or knock-offs. Rieker shoes are immensely comfortable and durable. That is why you are paying more. Buying cheaper knock-offs is only going to get you a pair of cheap knock-offs.

Especially with the unique styling and details (like the cutout details), imitators often fall apart after a few wears. This is why a retailer like Amazon.com is a great place to shop – great selection of authentic shoes, and competitive prices – all lead to the best online shoe experiences I have ever had.
Shop Reiker Antistress for Men

Shop Reiker Antistress for Women

Why To Buy Rieker Shoes


The first reason to check out Rieker shoes is because they are just really comfortable. For casual, daily wear shoes, you cannot find a better fit! I can wear these shoes all day long with no problem – not an easy task for a pair of fashionable and contemporary shoes with great flair and style!  Rieker shoes are very popular in Europe.  Europeans walk much more than we Americans, so comfort is very important to them.  Here are a few reasons Rieker shoes are so comfortable:

  • Seriously lightweight for ease of wear
  • Antistress soles to reduce pressure and evenly disperse weight
  • Flexibility – throughout the shoe – from the leather uppers to the rubber sole!
  • Added cushion and padding for decreased friction and superior comfort
  • Ample toe room for a more natural gait
  • Roomy uppers for more anatomically correct stride and fit
  • Amazing shock absorption
  • Superior comfort even in higher heels!



Shoes are purchased for comfort and Rieker shoes deliver in spades; however, I must admit that my draw to these shoes was first because of how they look. Artistic, crafty, and unique, these shoes are among my favorites for individual and sophisticated footwear. If you are looking for a good pair of smart walking shoes for women, then these arent a bad choice!

  • Hand cut-out details
  • Gorgeous, natural colors
  • High-quality materials – genuine leather, supple fabrics, breathable mesh and elastics
  • Hand stitching details
  • Unique color and material combinations
  • Strap buckles and details
  • A range of heel heights and widths

Rieker-Antistress Styles include:

  • Sandals
  • Boots
  • Mules
  • Clogs
  • Shoes
  • Lace-ups
  • Slip-ons

Shop Reiker Antistress for Men

Shop Reiker Antistress for Women


Rieker offers a wide range of accessories that complement their shoe styles – a really great feature for men and women. For women, there are some of the most stunning handbags you can imagine to match (or mismatch, depending on your style) with your shoes.

For men and women, there are other accessories that you can get with Rieker shoes. These include handbags, polish, socks, and sundry. You can browse and see the appropriate types for the chosen shoe.

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