Tsubo Boots for Women Review

I was not very familiar with this company when I initially checked out their shoes. Founded in 1997 and acquired by Deckers Outdoor Corporation in 2008, Tsubo states it is basically a well-designed shoe that goes hand in hand with comfort.

I’ve had the good fortune to be able to know a firend who owns a pair of Tsubo Baco Boots. the thoughts are hers below.

A timeless Look, comfortable, excellent build.

These are the best ways I can describe my Tsubo Baco boots. They truly have a timeless look, are extremely comfortable, and are of excellent build. I’ve only had these boots for about a week, but they are about 85% broken in by my wearing them around the house, out for a few errands, and one holy shopping trip to the mall and grocery shopping.

This review is based on my thoughts after a week.

Timeless Look: This style of boot has been around for a while, which makes it a classic. It definitely goes with any and all types of clothing, from jeans to long skirts to mini skirts and even some short styles. My pair are brown colored boots, but if you have to buy only one pair in this style I would vouch for black. It’s the most versatile color and easy to keep clean.

Comfort: The leather in the Tsubo Baco boots are quite taut when brand new. Putting them on is a breeze, however, because the zipper pulls down fairly far. If you have high arches, like I do, I would definitely recommend buying these in a size bigger than what you normally wear. The Baco boots will feel tight at first, particularly if you have a high instep, but they will loosen up after walking around in them a couple of hours and become softer and very comfortable.

Don’t expect these to be perfect right out of the box. They do require SOME breaking in but break in pretty fast. That said, once you get them on and start walking around, they do feel great within a short period of time. I had actually broken my pinkie toe and was able to wear these boots with NO pain at all. They are very supportive and actually seemed to stabilize the toe better than the soft shoe I was given at the ER.

Excellent Build: Tsubo  boots are of excellent quality. Everything from the choice of leather, the stitching, finishing, and zipper is top notch! I am impressed, particularly when comparing these to other boots I have purchased in the past. The quality of my old boots is not comparable at all.

All of the Tsubo styles uniquely have “cushion oval bubbles” advantageously placed on the sole of the shoe at a variety of pressure points of the foot, for the maximum amount of comfort. These bubbles not only supply comfort they also allow customers to immediately recognize that these are Tsubo shoes.

Final Verdict: If you’re in the market for boots, do not hesitate to get the Tsubo boots. They are unique and very comfortable. Their distinctive look separates them from other shoe manufacturers. These are incredibly high-quality boots at a great price. You’ll enjoy Tsubo boots for many years. If you are looking for walking shoes for women, see this guide. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis then this one.

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