Vibrams Five Fingers Review

Introduction Vibram Five Fingers

Remember walking around barefoot in the summer, feeling the grass between your toes and being able to have your toes stretched out instead of bunched all together? Well, how would you like the experience of going barefoot without getting your feet dirty?

In comes Vibram Five Fingers. These revolutionary shoes are like gloves for your feet. You’ve never seen shoes quite like these however, once you wear them for the first time, you’ll be hooked (though it may take some convincing for most people to even give them a chance).

The Coolest Features of Vibram Five Fingers


Vibram Five Fingers are made to appear like your feet. They come in 11 different styles, each one suited towards the type of activities you would like to do *barefoot*, and different colors to fit your different moods.

These are unlike any other shoes you have ever seen so, at first glance, they are going to seem very strange to you however, once you put them on, the comfort will have you enthusiastic about wearing them.


As I am reviewing the CLASSIC style of Vibram Five Fingers, I can only comment on that type.

The Materials consist of:

  • UPPER – abrasion-resistant stretch polyamide fabric;
  • SOLE- Vibram TC-1 performance rubber
  • FOOTBED- Antimicrobial microfiber.

The upper was stretchy and fit quite nicely across my foot. Walking on the foot bed was almost like walking on a tight grip of sand. I have no idea what Vibram TC-1 rubber is, but the sole has great traction with absolutely no slipping, whether I was walking up hill or downhill.

I even crossed a path of rocks with a minimal amount of discomfort. I live in a fairly hot climate, with sidewalks getting extremely hot during the day, and the heat did not transfer in to the shoe as I thought it might. I know I wouldn’t wish to walk barefoot on my streets after a certain time of day but these shoes made it possible.


Vibram Five Fingers can be used for hiking, climbing, biking, sailing, kayaking, and so many other activities. As I am not an exertive type of exerciser I tried these out (the CLASSIC style) on my weekly walk, my every other day bike ride and my 3 times a week yoga session. These took a serious beating even with just the light workout I put them through and survived quite well.


Each Vibram Five Fingers shoe has individual areas for each toe, are flexible and soft and truly feel as close to barefoot as you can come. These shoes take the minimalist view when it comes to going barefoot. You will not find a shoe more like walking barefoot than Vibram Five Fingers.

The Athletics´ Choice

Vibram Five Fingers are the hottest athletic footwear on the market. The uniquely designed footwear is turning heads on trails and in airports. Originally developed as performance footwear for a variety of outdoor sports, Vibram Five Fingers is quickly becoming the preferred choice of kayakers, canoeists, surfers, boarders, and sailors because of their control, grip, and performance.

The running community embraced Vibram Five Fingers, making barefoot running very popular. As its’ popularity increased, so did the number of uses. You will now find people wearing Vibram Five Fingers for trekking, walking, climbing, running, skateboarding, fitness and strength training, yoga, pilates, the martial arts, and yoga.

Time Magazine even named Vibram Five Fingers as one of the best inventions of 2007.

Vibram Five Fingers Are Not Shoes

You have probably seen the Vibram name on hiking shoes. Well known for the quality of their soles, you will many of the top hiking shoe manufacturers use Vibram soles.

Vibram Five Fingers are different. They are designed to provide a barefoot walking experience while protecting your feet. The soles are made from Vibram TC-1 performance rubber that holds up remarkably to wear and tear.

At its thickest, the sole is only 4mm, making them very flexible. This flexibility allows your toes to bend and grip for sure footing on uneven surfaces. The soles are also razor-siped for added traction on wet surfaces.

Five Fingers Sizing Guide

vibram five fingers show sizing guide

Which Is The Best Vibram Five Fingers To Buy?

The KSO (which stands for “keep stuff out”) is probably the most versatile model. It fits higher up on your foot, and has secure hook and loop closures (which keep it more secure on your feet).

The KSO sell for $85, and is ideal for people trying Vibram Five Fingers for the first time. The Classic is not as versatile as the KSO, Sprint, or Flow because of its’ lower profile. The Bikila and Bikila LS have more of a shoe feel to them, and are specifically designed for running by promoting a more natural (and efficient) forefoot strike. The Bikila LS is the only lace up model in the Vibram Five Fingers line up. The prices range from $75 for the classic, to $125 for the KSO Trek.

Cleaning Your Vibram Five Fingers

The biggest complaint about Vibram Five Fingers is that they start to smell over time. The best way to clean them, and get rid of the smell, is to soak them in cold water and vinegar overnight. Rinse them off, and put in a mess nylon bag, and toss them in the washing machine. Then hang them out to dry in the sun.

Where To Buy Vibram Five Fingers

Ideally you should try on a pair Vibram Five Fingers at a local store, but they can be very hard to find. They are sold in specialty shoe stores, and REI also carries them. Most stores have limited supplies, so they may not have a pair in your size. And it is unlikely they will have the style and size combination you are looking for.

Reputable online retailers, with a liberal return policy, are your best bet. They will carry a wider selection than local specialty stores, and have a better return policy that the manufacturer.

Do be careful, because there are many counterfeiters selling Vibram Five Fingers.

Are Vibram Five Fingers Worth The Money?

Vibram Five Fingers are very unique footwear that provides benefits you won’t find in any other shoe – the feeling of walking barefoot!. And it doesn’t

hurt that they are cool looking. As the weather gets warmer, you will see a lot more of these. I give Vibram Five Fingers 2 Thumbs Up!

Final Thought

If you are a *Nature* boy or girl, and truly have the heart of a bare-footist, these shoes are for you. They are easy to clean, air dry very quickly (so they can be washed and dry daily and used the next day) and can be used in a variety of activities, whether indoors or out. However if you are planning on switching to Vibram Five fingers as a regular running shoe, then you ought to read this piece and consider a slower transition.

About the Vibram Five Fingers Lawsuit: Vibram used to market the shoes promoting their health benefits – as you can see, we dont cover any supposed benefits – as there isnt any scientific data to prove these. The Lawsuit was settled, and the marketing messages removed. SO if you buy these shoes, we suggest concentrating on the aesthetic and comfort appeal than going by any supposed health benefits. More about the lawsuit here 


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