Vionic Orthaheel Sandals

While our feet were designed to work on natural surfaces, they spend most of their time on unnatural surfaces today, which has led to a lot of pain and injuries throughout the human body.  This is because our feet are unable to roll over in order to contact the ground, and thus we now have flat arches that will disrupt the normal functioning of our knees and the alignment of our hips, while also placing more pressure on our lower back.

For this reason, Phillip Vasyli, an Australian podiatrist, designed Orthaheel shoes, which are both flexible and lightweight.  These shoes are ideal for people who have heel pain (i.e., plantar fasciitis) or pronation, as well as athletes and people who are undergoing orthotic treatment.  Today these shoes are available in more than 25 countries around the world under the Vionic brand.

Introducing VIONIC Orthaheel Sandals

The Vionic sandals are a slide sandal with an orthotic, motion-controlling foot bed that has contoured arch support and a deep heel cup. There is also an adjustable forefoot strap on certain styles that not only looks classy but also provides you with great fit. This design is the result of clinical and practical research.

It will help you to reclaim your natural footprint and alignment so that your feet, ankles, and legs will function as they were originally intended to.

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Vionic Islander – Men’s Orthotic Support Sandals

Features Found Within VIONIC Orthaheel Sandals

Some of the great features that you will find in Orthaheel sandals include:

  • The built-in orthotic foot bed will support your foot while improving your posture.
  • They are clinically proven to reduce what contributes to “flat feet.”
  • The lightweight midsole is made out of faux cork so that it can cushion your feet and absorb any shock that your feet, ankles, and knees would otherwise experience.
  • A podiatrist has designed the footbed.  It has a deep heel cup that helps to stabilize, support, and realign your feet back to their natural position.

How To Clean Your New Orthaheel Seaside Sandals

It is really easy to clean your new Orthaheel  sandals.  You simply need to wipe them off with a warm, soapy rag and then allow them to dry in the shade.  You shouldn’t ever soak them or put them in the washing machine.

What Is Being Said About Orthaheel Sandals

Both clinical and practical research has show that the design of these shoes will help you to reclaim your natural footprint.  This is done by restoring your foot’s natural, neutral, alignment.

In turn, this will enable your feet, ankles, and legs to be able to function efficiently and dynamically, just like they were intended to do.

The unique Orthaheel orthotic is built into every pair of sandals, slippers, and shoes that this company manufactures.

Where To Buy Vionic Orthaheel  Sandals

Amazon  has a large selection of Orthaheel sandals, and have quickly become the top Orthaheel Retailer online.  With free shipping, a very liberal return policy, they are the best place to purchase your new pair of Orhaheel sandals.
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