Best Shoes For Nurses Reviewed- 2017 Update

The nursing profession is one of the most demanding professions anywhere in the world. Sometimes nurses stand several hours straight, without a single break and there are times their daily routine demands excessive walking.

If you compile a nurse’s average amount of walk each week, the result will be in several miles. Being one of the most demanding professions out there, nurses can’t compromise on the quality of their footwear. Only the best shoes for nurses can provide them what they want.

12 Of the best Shoes for Nurses By Review

Make and Model Read Reviews Sex Upper Sole Heel Colors
Dansko Prof XP Clog 4.5 Stars Womens Leather Polyurethane 1.5″ 10
Alegria Paloma Flat 4.6 Stars Womens Leather Rubber 1.5″ 12
Timberland PRO Renova 4 Stars Womens Leather Synthetic tba 10
Nurse Mates Dove 4 stars Womens Leather Rubber 1.5″ 3
Cherokee Exact Clog 4 stars Womens Manmade Rubber 1.25″ 15
Merrell Jungle Moc Pro 4 stars Both Leather Rubber 1″ 3
safeTstep Blast Runner 4.7 stars Both Leather + Mesh Rubber n/a 1
Under Armour UA Micro G 4 Stars Mens Synthetic Rubber n/a 6
Skechers For Work Balder 3.6 stars Mens Synthetic Rubber n/a 1
DAWGS Tracker Pro 3 stars both Rubber Synthetic n/a 2
Dansko  ProTooled Clog 4 Stars Womens Leather Synthetic 2″ 9
Skechers Premix Sneaker 4.3 Stars Womens Leather+Synthetic Rubber n/a 1

Why shouldn’t nurses compromise on the quality of their shoes?

Nurses should only buy the best shoes for nurses because their job demands a lot. The average person has no idea how much a nurse goes through as a part of their career: there are those 12 hours shifts straight for a week, highly demanding patients and night shifts where the rest of the world is sleeping comfortably.

The last thing that a determined nurse wants to add to his/her life is physical stress. It is already quite hard to deal with all the emotional stress the job throws in your way. This is why settling anything short of best shoes for nurses is not a good idea.

Buying The Best Shoes For Nurses – What You Need To Know

Before discussing  the best shoes for nurses from various brands, let’s find out what factors should be taken into consideration in making such a decision.

Don´t get Hung up on the brand

The first and foremost thing about buying the best shoes for nurses is not getting stuck by the brand name.

While there are no doubts that good brands get their fame mostly by selling quality products, following branded products blindly is not a good idea in choosing the best shoes for nurses.

The main reason for this is because there are quite a few shoemakers trying to address the most demanding needs of nurses. By purchasing shoes only by looking at its brand name, you may miss out on some of the best shoes for nurses from relatively unknown shoemakers.

Dont Get Stuck on Aesthetics

While design is important in buying a nurse’s shoe, looks shouldn’t come at the expense of comfort. Your job demands a lot already so why compromise on comfort and add physical stress by straining your feet too much? Remember, you will forget how your shoes look within a week. However, comfort is something that you need always.

Get the right fit

Buying a nursing shoe that fits perfectly is very important. The shoe shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

The padding should be sufficient to keep your entire feet comfortable, dry and fresh; even after wearing it a straight 10 plus hour session.

Shoes for Nurses Detailed Reviews

#1: Women’s professional tooled clog by Dansko


Here you have got a perfectly structured shoe made out of leather and handmade sole. For those who need a little heel, you can be happy because this shoe has an approximate 2 inch heel and the platform structure makes it comfortable to be in throughout the day.

The biggest benefit of this shoe is its superior shock absorption feature and an antifatigue rocker bottom. What’s more? The fantastic carving self design on the shoe makes it looks stunning and can go with almost any clothes you have. They are available in two shades.


#2: PRO women’s Renova CLOG from Timberland

renova crocs

Looks very similar to the clog shoe from Dansko, but is different in its structure. It comes with leather upper and a rubber sole which makes it quite flexible for you to walk in.

It has approximately 2 inches heel, so for those who want a little extra height can be happy with them. The platform structure that measures approximately 0.50 inches is perfect to balance your weight on the heel. It also has an anti fatigue technology that makes you feel less tired at the end of the day.


#3:Women’s premium slip on sneaker by Skechers


For those who want a much more professional look, can go for this particular shoe since it comes with an excellent sole that is thick enough to give you good shock absorption feature.

The shoe can be considered one of the best shoes for nurses because it has all that it takes to keep you on your feet throughout the day. It also has an anti-slip outsole that can help you to work on almost any kind of surface. A great convenience that the shoe can offer is its slip on feature.


#4: Timberland Renova Slip-Ons


Timberland is known to make some of the best shoes for nurses. They are repeating history with the latest Renova Slip-Ons, which comes with leather upper. The rubber sole is designed for comfort and durability. The sole can absorb shocks and impacts, making your day a lot more comfortable. The heel stands tall at 1 ½ inches, wherein platform measures around ¾ inches.

Like most Timberland products for nurses and other professionals that have demanding work schedules, Renova slip-ons come with the in-house developed anti-fatigue technology that keeps you comfortable by adding superior shock absorption and comfort to your feet. One of the added feature is the anti-slip grip, which keeps you protected even if you missed a liquid spill that could trip you otherwise.


#5:Women’s Dove slip on loafer by nurse mates


Here you go with another very comfortable shoes made specifically for nurses to keep them going throughout the day. The slip on feature makes it quite convenient to wear and the thigh outsole gives a fantastic shock absorption feature.

The heel height measures approximately 2 inches, but the platform structure of the shoe can perfectly balance your weight and keep you away from any kind of back pain. It comes with an anti-slip outsole that helps you to work on any kind of surface.


#6:Women’s Celina Clog professional shoes by Sanita


Considered to be one of the best shoes for nurses, this particular shoe offers everything the profession needs including great style and elegance. The shiny patent white leather look on top gives a fresh appearance and provides great style and class.

The benefit of slip on can be best appreciated by nurses, because they might have to take off their shoes at times in duty. The heel will measure approximately 2 inches, so for those who are looking out for a little height can pick this one. The platform style structure of the outsole perfectly balances your weight and evenly distributes it throughout the feet.


#7:Debra slip on Shoes  for women by Alegria


Talking about style, this is something that most nurses would love to slip on. This amazingly designed shoe with its floral print upper is a fresh look into the nurse shoe category. The amazingly structured platform heels evenly distribute your weight throughout your feet and keep you comfortable with the height you need.

The slip on feature makes it convenient and the anti-slip outsole keeps your steady on almost any slippery surface. The platform heels structure also provides great shock absorption feature and makes you less tired at the end of the day.


#8: Mercy Clog for Women by Crocs


This particular shoe can be called a show stopper in terms of style, as well as an extremely functional shoe when it comes to choosing the best shoes for nurses. The floral strip at the toe box gives it a nice elegant look and makes it look quite stylish.

It has a man-made sole with an approximately 1 inch heel and a platform that measures approximately half inch. It has antimicrobial and odor resistant feature which is great for the long hours of wear. It is tested to ASTM F1677 standards and features unlock technology which keeps your feet in position whatsoever.


#9: Nurse Mates Dove Slip-Ons


The Dove Slip-Ons from Nurse Mates is one of the best shoes for nurses because the company specializes in making shoes exclusively for medical professionals. Nurse Mates shoes take many factors of the nursing profession into consideration before giving life to its designs.

A good example is the extremely comfortable leather upper of Nurse Mate Dove that makes it an entirely different product in terms of comfort. It also comes with a padded, anti-slipper outsole that gives excellent grip on any surface. Like most Nurse Mates products, Dove slip-ons are designed for nurses that only want the best. Hence, the shoe delivers what it promises.


#10: Sanita Celina Clog


The patented leather upper of Sanita Celina Clog with its bold stitching pattern makes it a shoe that can grab some attention. However, this shoe is equally good in functionality too.

For instance, American Podiatric Medical Association gave it a seal of acceptance because of its outstanding quality and feasibility in the medical profession. The thick footbed and anti-slippery outsole ensures that this shoe is very comfortable and trustworthy for your profession.

The anatomically shaped footbed gives added comfort to the product. It goes without saying that Santia Celina Clog is one of the best shoes for women due to its great functionality and reliable, user-friendly design.

Best Shoes For Nurses – What Else You Need To Know?

We’ve discussed the importance of buying the best shoes for nurses as well as some of the quality products available in our market today. Here are a few extra tips that come handy in making your purchase a pleasant experience.

If you are purchasing your shoe online, you may get confused about choosing a product that fits you perfectly. This is an issue a lot of people face because different brands come with different fits.

Each shoemaker has their own fitment guide that they follow but the differences can get wider or narrow based on the materials used. For example, a highly stretchable upper means a nursing shoe that is a little tight initially gets adjusted to your feet within a few hours but a more rigid upper could take weeks to get adjusted.

Considering that you will be spending several hours a day wearing the same shoe, waiting for weeks for the shoe’s upper to get adjusted to your feet is a little too much. However, it is not a wise idea to buy a nursing shoe with a loose fit because it’s just a matter of time it gets too loose. Of course, a rigid upper could prolong the process but you’ll still feel uncomfortable wearing them everywhere.

The right thing to do is referring to the size guide of each manufacturer. If you are still not quite sure about a shoe brand that you haven’t tried before, read reviews to find out the ideal size for you.

If you are still confused purchase your nursing shoe from a source where returns are hassle-free. Although most online shops offer returns these days, the actual process of returning a product is not that easy.

This is why you need to buy your shoe from a reputable online seller with a good track record.

Last but not the least is the price. While a golden rule is that ‘you get what you pay for,’ don’t ignore relatively unpopular brands only because they are a little cheaper than popular brands. This could be because of the inferior brand value of the former but has nothing to do with the build quality of the shoe.

Remember, many of the best shoes for nurses in the market today comes from brands that specializes in making nursing shoes but these brands are likely unheard of. If you find shoe offers that are too good to be true, they probably are. Stay away from them because in an attempt of saving money, you could end up buying something that doesn’t serve you well in a profession that demands the best.

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