Best shoes for Walking on Concrete 2017

The problem with walking on concrete all day is you could inadvertently cause your feet and legs harm if you don’t have the right footwear.  You may not realize it, but often chronic back pain is caused by the wrong footwear.  The key is to get proper shoes for your walks on concrete, and you should focus on shoes that support your arch and don’t put pressure on your ankles, high heels are absolutely the worst, so carry a comfortable pair of shoes to slip into once you hit the pavements! Even babies should have special walking shoes.

Common Myth: Your Running or Gym shoes are OK to walk on concrete all day

Don’t be fooled, you may think that shoes comfortable for running are good enough for walking, but they can end up being as unforgiving as a pair of heels on the concrete. Walking and running have many similarities, granted, but they are different motions.

Running shoes focus on absorbing shock, and as such due to the runners motion, you would typically notice that the heel of a good running shoe is more protected, as majority of the impact while running is on the heel.

On the other hand, walking is a gentler exercise, but the shock is more evenly spread, which means you should ideally aim for a more evenly distributed sole (read: What are walking shoes?). According to the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, you need to have the right walking shoes to reduce plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia.

What you should look for:

  • Supportive Arch System
  • Shock Absorbent
  • Evenly spread shock absorbent
  • A decently cushioned midsole
  • Slightly rounded sole
  • Rigid front

So how do you go about finding the right walking shoe for your concrete pounding?

Which types of Shoes Should You Avoid?

High Heels. Suffice to say most heels arent made for a lot of walking, but especially on concrete they ought to be avoided.

If you do need dress shoes with a heel, keep them under two inches.

For men, heels are usually on boots, and though some workboots are OK, avoid imbalanced heels.

Thin Soled Flats. You may think that thin flats are great, however they offer no protection, and if you are going to be on a hard surface like concrete all day, then you need something with a bit of cushion, and shoes that will support the work.

Look for shoes that will support your weight, especially if you suffer from plantar fasciitis.

Bad Fits. Shoes that dont fit properly arent generally recommended. They are especially a bad choice for walking, on hard floors.

A tight pair will add too much pressure and cause you sore feet, while loose fitting shoes may cause blisters due to the friction of the shoes rubbing against your sole or ankles.

Standing on Concrete All day

You may not be doing it for your health but having to work in an environment where you have to walk on or stand on concrete all day can certainly take a toll on your feet. If you don’t, you would soon notice ankle pain, back pain heel discomfort and even spasms in the knee. All these, if not corrected with the use of the right shoes, may end up to more serious conditions, such as plantar fasciitis.

Several of the brands we have introduced on this page are pretty good, whether you are walking on concrete out of choice or out of necessity. Wearing the right shoes will go a long way to make either activity pleasant, especially of you are standing regularly on concrete.

Good Shoe Brands With Lines For Walking and Standing On Concrete

Now that we know what we’re looking for, it’s time to try out a few brands.  Here is another list of some of the best shoe brands known for making shoes that are great for walking on concrete:

Dress Shoes Suitable for Walking on Concrete

Naot Shoes For walking on concrete

Naot womens woalking shoes

Naot Shoes (Men & Women) – Our Top Shoe Brand for walking on concrete is Naot.  These attractive shoes require no break-in period.  They come with an insert that forms to your feet over time.

They are very light weight, and cushioning from the insole and midsole greatly reduces the impact that occurs when walking on concrete (or any other hard surface) like no other shoe on the market.

The men’s range is equally smart as the women’s range and they should most certainly feature on your list if you are looking for a comfortable pair of smart or dress shoes if you have to be dressed well when pounding the concrete!

Discover Naot For Men    Discover Naot For Women

Alegria Shoes for walking on concrete

algeria-shoes-for-menAlegria is one of those brands that people like nurses and waitresses know about, but not so much the average show wearer. They are often chosen over popular shoes such as Dankso and MBT, as they are highly recommended for having features of both brands.

They do clogs like Dankso, but they also do a large range of other types of smart and dress shoes for both, men and women.

They are ideal as they have the right level of cushioning, are great for people with back pain, plantar fascitis, and like the MBT, have a forward pushing heel.

Discover Alegria For Men Discover Alegria For Women

Concrete shoes for women

Dankso Shoes for Concrete

danso kari clog brown

Featured Shoe:The Dansko Kari (Women) – A non-heel shoe that features a casual brown color for everyday errands as well as professional settings, the Kari is a great choice for women who need a comfortable and stylish shoe without any frills. It’s easy, it’s simple, and it simply works for a variety of “concrete walking” situations.

Read Dansko Kari Reviews

Concrete shoes for men

keen Austin sneakerKeen Shoes

Featured Shoe: KEEN Men’s Austin Sneaker (Men) – Waterproof leather helps improve durability despite the weather, and the casual look can go great with an ordinary shirt and shorts or a more casual/professional look. (More on Keen Shoes for women here)

Read KEEN Austin Reviews

Mephisto Walking Shoe

Mephisto Men's Match Walking ShoeMephisto Men’s Match Walking Shoe (Men) – Mephisto brings upper scale style to a casual shoe that looks as natural at the restaurant as it does when you venture a little bit off the beaten path.

Read Mephisto Walking Shoe Reviews

Merrell Chameleon Wrap Slam Walking Shoes

Merrell Chameleon Wrap Slam Walking ShoesMerrell Chameleon Wrap Slam Walking Shoes (Men) – Active women could use a good casual shoe that doesn’t sacrifice comfort at all – the Chameleon  Stretch from Merrell definitely fits the bill.

Read Merrel Chameleon Reviews

MBT SHOES – Podiatrist Recommended MBT Walking shoes

MBT Shoes (For both Men & Women) – These are rocker bottom shoes that work as casual or athletic shoes.  They are a bit on the expensive side, but are a great shoe if you are on your feet all day, or have back pain.

They often feature on podiatrist blogs as shoes suggested for people with back pain walking on hard surfaces.

Find Best Deals on MBT Shoes

Best Affordable Sneakers for Walking on Concrete by review

Best Tennis Shoes For Walking on Concrete
Brand For Men For Women
Asics Asics Quickwalk 2

Asics Quickwalk 2 men

Asics Quickwalk 2

Asics Quickwalk 2 women

4.5 Stars out of 447 Reviews. See Reviews 4.5 Stars out of 74 Reviews. See Reviews
Saucony Saucony Men’s Grid Omni Walking Shoe

Saucony Men's Grid Omni Walking Shoe

Saucony ProGrid integrity Women

Saucony Women's ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

4 stars out of 360 Reviews. See Reviews  4.5 Stars out of 996 Reviews. See Reviews
New Balance New Balance 928 Men

New Balance 928 Men

New Balance 928 Women

New Balance 928 Women

4 Stars out of 102 Reviews. See Reviews 4.5 Stars out of 882 Reviews. See Reviews
Asics ASICS GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4

Asics Men's GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

ASICS GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4

ASICS GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 Women

4.5 Stars out of 376 Reviews. See Reviews 4.5 Stars out of 333 Reviews. See Reviews
Asics Asics GEL-Foundation Walking Shoe Men

ASICS Men's GEL-Foundation Workplace Walking Shoe

Asics GEL-Foundation Walking Shoe Women

ASICS Women's GEL-Foundation Workplace Walking Shoe

4 stars out of 114 Reviews. See Reviews   4.5 stars out of 10  Reviews. See Reviews
Orthotics / Vionic Vionic with Orthaheel Men’s Walker

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Men's Walker

Women’s Walking Shoe by Orthaheel

Women's Walking Shoe by Orthaheel

4 stars out of 397 Reviews. See Reviews 4 stars out of 1167 Reviews. See Reviews


Special Picks: 4 Highly Reviewed Concrete Walking Sneakers For Women

Dansko Elise Rated 4.2 Stars out of 494 Independent reviews

shoes for concrete -womens dansko elise mocha pink A massage therapist says:

I’ve worn them to the office for a week, and my feet, low legs, and low back feel great. Thank you thank you thank you, Dansko for this new addition to your line!!!

This walking shoe comes in a range of colour options, our favourite is the Mocha Suede with hot pink laces.


  • Flexi sole
  • Light, so easy to carry and walk in
  • Built for a natural walk
  • Leather versions are water resistant
  • 17 color combinations
  • Great for walking in the City
  • Could be used for offroad (but not as the main shoe)

Made for women and as such only comes in women’s sizes, sorry gentlemen!

Detailed Reviews and More Information 

Dansko Women’s Shayla Fashion Sneaker

Dansko Women's Shayla Fashion Sneaker

This Dansko sneaker has been recommended several times and long shift workers who work on concrete floors found that they helped with pain, and actually reduced the normal pain of being on your feet all day on concrete. Worth checking out the reviews.

Detailed Reviews and More Information 

New Balance 928 Rated 4.5 Stars from 705 Independent Reviews

shoes for concrete - womens-new-balance-928A nurse with plantar fasciitis says:

I work 12 hr. shifts and have no foot pain at all while wearing this shoe. I would highly recommend it.

Though not as good looking as the Dankso, the New Balance 928 series is a shoe that is much better looking shoe than its other prior series, and is slated to be an ideal arch supporting, motion controlling shoe that can help prevent and ease the pain of walking on hard surfaces. There are three color ways available, and since we find the plain black or the plain white boring, we opted for the new color way, a beige.


  • Great for people with foot pain
  • A solid shoe from a tradition of great shoes
  • Built for hard wearing and regular use
  • ABZORB shock absorbtion
  • C-Cap Midsole
  • Graphite rollbar to reduce rear foot movement
  • Ndurance rubber outsole
  • Wedge heel for height

Does come in sizes for men too.

Detailed Reviews and More Information 

Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4 Rated 4.5 Stars out of 233 Independent Reviews

shoes for concrete - womens Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4A grateful reviewer says:

I have a bunion and a hammer toe on one foot. I also have plantar fasciitis.I haven’t walked for health in years. I now walk every night. Expensive but worth it.

I wouldn’t call this shoe pretty, but what it loses in its looks, it makes up for in performance. Its light weight and allows air circulation, which is very important if you wear the shoe without socks (as a few of us do!). It’s actually a shoe recommended for people with wide feet as the toe area is wider, which is an additional comfort.


  • Wide toe box
  • Great for bunions
  • Biomorphic upper fit
  • Increased GEL Cushioning
  • OrthoLite footbed
  • APMA Accepted
  • Abrasion resistant sole (better traction)

Detailed Reviews and More Information

Shoes For Walking on Concrete – what you need to know.

When you’re walking on concrete, you could be doing any number of things. You might be strolling with your dog through the neighborhood, or you might be bar-hopping during your best friend’s bachelor party.

So many situations in life call for a good pair of shoes for walking on concrete that it’s easy to forget we could all use a good pair of walking shoes. In this article, we’ll show you how to find them.

walking shoes types

The first place to start is with your criteria. Before you buy a good pair of shoes, you need to know exactly what you want out of them. We humbly submit some of the following as ideal criteria for the best shoes for walking on concrete:

1.  Comfort. Concrete is flat, hard, and sometimes even cold. Your shoes needs to work against this disadvantage by fitting well with your foot and providing a layer of comfort between you and the ground. What if you have a spontaneous Saturday with an old friend and your shoes don’t feel good? You’ll be in pain all day and will have blisters all weekend. This is a no-no.

2.  Expression. No, you don’t have to make your shoes into a work of art – that’s heading into some cheesy territory – but you will want to buy shoes that reflect your personal style and project the image you want to project.

3.  Durability. It’s one thing to use your shoes for walking from your car to your house; it’s another to spend a lot of time in your concrete-walking shoes. You need something that can take a pounding day after day, year after year.

Other factors might be important to you, like your budget or price range, but keep in mind that in the case of shoes, you often “get what you pay for.” You’d be betraying criteria #3 if you went for the cheaper option that won’t last as long, and it’s better not to have to buy a new pair of concrete walking shoes after three months.

The best shoes for walking for women are the ones that match both your personality and your needs. Be ready for your next concrete-walking situation – whether the concrete takes you to your garage, an antiques fair, or to the restaurant.

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