Picking the Best Shoes for Supination and Underpronation


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Supination also referred to as underpronation is the inadequate inward movement of the foot on landing. Supination leads to an outward pivot of the rear foot, an elevation of the midfoot, and an internal sing of the forefoot. This situation is ordinarily related with people who have elevated arches and compact Achilles tendons; however it isn’t restricted to that kind of foot. Most footwear wears on the horizontal region of the shoe causing it to become overly stretched out. In the event that you place shoes on a level surface, they slope outward.

Absence of suitable shock suppression and unnecessary supination can bring about continuous lower leg sprains, tailor’s bunion, peroneal tendonitis, inordinate callousing, knee, foot and back aches and also iliotibial band disorder.

During Supination the outside of the heel hits the ground first yet although the foot doesn’t move in an internal direction during the walk cycle. Rather it remains focused outside bringing on the effect to be focused on a minor segment on the sidelong region of the foot. This minimizes shock assimilation and makes the littler toes to do a large portion of the work during outset.

THE BEST SHOE BRANDS FOR Supination and Underpronation

(The best shoes for both, men and women)

Typically the best shoes for supination are built for purpose supination trainers or sneakers. Some of the most well known and recommended shoe manufacturers that specialise in for walking and running shoes to help correct underpronation and supination are:

To amend your walk, you ought to wear a shoe with a great deal of padding and an uncommon internal shape to control the internal movement likewise a shoe with light and adaptable materials counteract supination. These sorts of shoes are regularly called “neutral padded shoes”. Shoes such as this for the most part is very light in weight, on the grounds that they lack movement control capacities and are extremely receptive to your feet.

Asics Shoes

Best Asics For underpronation Runners (supination)

ASICS NEW Fuzex Range

The Fuzex range is new for 2016 /2017. These are a very light pair of running shoesand ideal for both, outdoor and indoor running. They are a low profile shoe and are on Asic recommended list of shoes for supinators. The come with asics much loved gel technology which allows a good cushioning, even though they are a low profile shoe.

Cushioning Asics for Supination

For those looking for a bit more cushioning, then the six Asic Styles new for 2016 / 2017 may be just right for you.

Asics own website recommends that the Gel Cumulus Range is ideal for supinators. it is hard to argue when the Gel Cumulus for Men has over 300 reviews as does the Gel Cumulus for Women.

Speed Asics – For serious runners

If you are looking for speed while still looking for trainers that assist with underpronation, then the Gel Hyper series is worth a look. The Gel Hyper Tri is a cheaper shoe.

ASICS Trail running Shoes for Supinators

If trailblazing is what you need, then the Gel Fujiattack 5 is the right underpronator shoe for you.

Asics Gel Cumulus
For Men For Women
ASICS Men's GEL Cumulus 17 Supination ASICS Women's Gel-Cumulus 17 supination
See Reviews See Reviews
Best Asics For Severe Overpronation Runners

Asics creates a range of shoes for different types of pronations. For those suffering from Severe Overpronation, they reccomend the GT 3000 range which they say are designed to help those who have medium to late-gait overpronators. The key elements they say that help this is their Guidance Trusstic® and Dynamic DuoMax systems, both features of the GT 3000. If you go by customer reviews, the Gel Kayano are the Asics Running shoes to aim for if you have overpronation.

Asics Overpronation GT 3000
For Men For Women
GT-3000 for men GT-3000 4 for Women
GT-3000 for men – See Reviews GT-3000 4 for Women – See Reviews
Asics Overpronation GT 3000
For Men For Women
ASICS Men's GEL-Kayano 22 Lite Show Running Shoe ASICS Women's GEL-Kayano 22 Lite Show Running Shoe
ASICS Men’s GEL-Kayano 22 Lite – See Reviews ASICS Women’s GEL-Kayano 22 Lite – See Reviews

New Balance Shoes

Best New Balance Walking Shoes for Overpronation

According to New Balance the Women’s WW1765V2 Walking Shoe is ideal for overpronation. with over 50 Five Star reviews, it is certainly worth considering. See Reviews here.

Womens 1765 - Walking Shoes - New Balance banner

Best New Balance Walking Shoes for Underpronation

New Balance W928 Range
New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking Shoe New Balance Women’s WW928  Walking Sneaker
New Balance Men's MW928 Walking Shoe - Supination New Balance Women's WW928 Supination
There are over 1700 reviews of these New Balance Walking shoes.See Reviews Over 800 Reviews of these shoe, many by supinators.See Reviews


Nike Running Shoes for Overpronation and Supination

According to Nike, the best way to tell if you are an overpronator or supinator is to check your current shoes. They give the two indicators below:

Signs of Overpronation: Wearing of external sole inside edge near the ball of the foot

Sign of Supination:  Wearing of external sole of the outer edge

Nike Shoes for Overpronation:


Nike suggests that overpronator runners should pick shoes from their Stability Range of shoes. Their best recommended range is the LunarGlide. The top three stability shoe ranges from Nike are (links open to both men and womens best reviewed ranges):

Nike Shoes for Supination


Nike recommends that supinator runners should focus on the shoes from their Neutral Range of running shoes. Ther recommend three specific shoes that they feel are best suited for supinators (links open to both men and womens best reviewed ranges):

Nike Air Max Click for full range

Nike Air zoom Vomero Click for full range 

Nike Air Pegasus Click for full range

Best Cheap Supination Trainers (or Supination Sneakers)

These shoes have been all ranked highly for supinators and underpronators in the past – because they arent current ranges, you are more likely to pick up a bargain!

New Balance Women's W1080V4 Running ShoeNew Balance 1080V2: Men’s Fitness prescribes the New Balance 1080V2, which gives a light, adaptable sole and double thickness foam padding.

ASICS Womens GEL-Cumulus 17 Lite-Show Running ShoeAsics Gel Cumulus 12: This is a wonderful choice for individuals who have high arches. Auditors say it possess “identical adaptable ride and fit as those top strength shoes.” Other models such as the Asics Gel Nimbus 12 and Asics Gel Kinsei are suggested by LiveStrong.

Saucony Grid Cohesion NX Saucony Grid Cohesion NX: If you’re searching for shock assimilation and predominant padding, the Saucony Grid Cohesion NX is a prominent shoe — especially among female supinators.

Saucony Progrid Integrity supinator shoesSaucony Progrid Integrity: great neutral padding shoe, it has fabulous arch support and the HRC-Pads in the back range bring down the effect power of the heel-strikes. It favors a wide toe box, and as such exceptionally agreeable for individuals with bunions. The only drawback is that it is available in only black and white.

New Balance 665New Balance 665: what you notice first in these shoes are the grand looks and the low cost (~50$). These keep running on the slender region, yet when you unwind the string strain they are great. Try not to get them in the event that you require a wide toe-box, available in great colors, for men too.

New Balance 1745New Balance 1745: The recent Premium Walker from New balance, light, present day outline and numerous clients reported they didn’t feel the need to break in these shoes on the grounds that they air so delicate! Note: Toe region is on the broader side; still an exceptionally agreeable shoe.

The Nike site also builds models such as the Nike Air Zoom Vomero, Nike Air Max and Nike Air Pegasus as special shoes for supinators.

What are the features a Supinator’s Shoe should have?

Preferably, an individual experiencing supination will favor a shoe that features:

  • A great deal of padding and shock assimilation
  • A featherweight, adaptable padded sole
  • Arch backing

You’ll need to maintain a strategic distance from athletic mentors with “movement control” or balancing out elements, average support posts, and sturdy padded soles — as all these can exacerbate supination.

Best Walking Shoes for Supination

There are no single-size-fits-all ways to deal with discovering excellent walking shoes. On the off chance that you are one of those individuals who supinate – which means your feet roll out with every stride – it can be considerably more hard to locate a comfortable shoe.

Strength, solace and arch backing are basic elements your walking shoes must possess to ensure you walk longer, quicker and more balanced. See our detailed guide on best running shoes for under pronation.

Choosing Custom Orthotics to Fit with Supination

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics formed to fit the size of your foot can enhance your characteristic arrangement and assimilate shock as well. A decent match will cost in the region of $100, though your insurance firm will probably get the greater part of that expense and you will use them for years to come with exceptionally negligible routine upkeep.

These supplements will effortlessly fit into most of your shoes for a more agreeable run or walk.

See a large range on Amazon

Taking off – Your Main Issue with Supination

Since strolling, running and hopping are characteristic movements for a great many individual, the components needed to make these developments are hardly considered. In any case, your feet carry a gigantic measure of strain from these easy exercises. Appropriate foot position, uniform weight spread all through the foot, provides relief when carrying out any of them. During supination, your feet roll out, so additional weight is moved to the exterior part of your feet. This can bring about torment and harm. As per Foot Levelers, supination is exceptionally uncommon. Fewer than 10 percent of individuals suffer from this. It is more frequent in individuals who possess high arches.

On the off chance that you supinate, the outer edges of your shoes may tire out rapidly. Your shoe tread may get to be stripped, which can add to skids and falls. What’s more, your outer padded sole may tear, which can bring about chilly and even wet feet as well as less arch support. Thick-soled shoes with thick treads are tough shoes for supinators. Throughout the years, a couple running shoe producers have sold shoes in which the outer portion of the padded sole was thicker than the inside half. A podiatrist may have the capacity to direct you toward a hotspot for these kinds of shoes.

Shoe Types for Supinators and Under Pronators

Neutral Cushioning Shoes

Neutral Cushioning shoes are excellent for athletes who have high arches who don’t pronate viably. These shoes lack medial backings yet are highly involved with midsole padding. The padded sole will give the additional shock assimilation that the absence of pronation misses.

Alongside a runner who doesn’t excessively pronate, Neutral Cushioned shoes likewise function admirably for forefoot and midfoot strikers.

Movement Control Shoes

Movement Control shoes are for athletes who for the most part have a low or level arch and are moderate to serious pronators. These shoes utilize additional backing gadgets on the medial sector to moderate intemperate pronation and are prone to possess flatter and broader outsoles.

Heavier athletes who require additional backing and sturdiness might likewise need Motion Control shoes.

Solidity Shoes

Solid shoes are for athletes who possess ordinary or medium arches and are mellow to fair pronators. These shoes possess some medial backing and great midsole padding.

Since typical or medium arches are the widely recognized kind of foot, most athletes will require Stability shoes.

Minimalist Shoes

Running barefoot is the most established type of activity. Minimalist shoes take into consideration an unshod like ordeal, with some insurance from the components.

Normal running does exactly that − permits your feet to function logically, while fortifying your muscles.

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