The Best Walking Shoes For Women (2017 Update)

Several women choose walking as their regular activity to lose weight. A brisk stroll around the park or the block, marching in one place with your favourite television show or video on are some easy but sure shot ways of losing those extra calories.

What´s more, advanced technology claims that you can lose a significant amount of weight by choosing the right pair of walking shoes. Yes, you heard it right! The best walking shoes for women  come in various styles and shades to suit the fancies of fashion-conscious women. See our guide on best walking shoes for babies.

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Top 5 Best Walking Shoes for women

We have shortlisted a number of walking shoes based on user recommendations and reviews. Listed below are few points which will help you understand what makes them everybody’s absolute favourites!

Sketchers Women’s Go Walk Slip-On

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Slip-On

‘Super light’ and ‘super comfortable’ are two specific adjectives that can be used to describe this pair of shoes. It is designed to perfection and easy to slip on. It has lived up to its expectation of providing the wear and comfort of a sneaker without looking like one.

It is available in a wide variety of colors and perfect for your walking needs. Few customers believe that their feet behave a lot better when they wear this shoes.

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ASICS Women’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 2 Walking Shoe

shoes for concrete - womens Asics Gel Tech Walker Neo 4

Asymmetric lacing design, reflective detailing, APMA seal of acceptance, and more – all these features will definitely help in walking your way to a better and fitter you. Perfectly constructed with an upper that comes with a biomorphic fit, this pair comes with a medial bulging window for added comfort, fit, and flexibility. It also guarantees a perfect transition from heel to toes.

The special gel cushion through the insole provides added comfort and makes you feel like your feet is on a vacation. The distinct treading on the outsole provides superior grip even on uneven surfaces as well as enhances the natural gait of your feet.

The remarkable midsole section deserves special mention as it helps to increase the stability and support. They do not show any signs of wear and tear even after months. For those who are on the lookout for a good pair of walking shoes, but have a restricted budget, this pair will be your ultimate choice.

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New Balance Women’s WX608V3 Cross-Training Shoe


Designed to precision with a genuine leather upper, this women’s walking shoe truly lives up to its expectation when the question of durability comes into the picture. This shoe comes with excelling cushioning for added comfort and a non-marking rubber outsole for maximum support. People who are blessed with wide feet find this shoe very accommodating and comfortable.

Design-wise, this shoe is for those who prefer a simple and mess-free design. The best thing is that you can wash this pair in the washing machine without having to worry about the wear and tear.

People with orthopaedic issues have been extremely happy with this pair and they go on to claim that the true-to-size fit has enhanced their mobility to a great extent. Though people swear by its design and durability, the only flaw observed by a handful of users is that the insole is quite thin.

Check out New Balance Women’s WX608V3 Cross-Training Shoe at

Reebok Women’s Easytone Reenew Toner


Have you always desired for better and toned legs with each step you take? Then this could be your go-to pair of shoes. It is specifically designed for walking as well as everyday chores, and also claims to tauten as well as tone your leg muscles; its patented sole mechanism deserves the due credit.

People who have had long hours of work and complained of knee and back pain seemed to be quite happy with this pair primarily due to the optimum support that it provides. Additionally, it also helps in keeping the ankles properly aligned. The only issue that a few have complained is its weight.

Check out Reebok Women’s Easytone Reenew Toner at

Easy Spirit Women’s Punter Athletic Shoe


This athletic pair is sure to make you the cynosure wherever you go. With an extremely lightweight leather upper, padded tongue and collar, cushioned insole that can be easily removed, shock-absorbing midsole, molded rubber midsole support, this shoe has everything that creates a healthy foot environment. Also see: Best Athletic Shoes for walking.

Irrespective of whether you are tracking down hilly areas or strolling around the city, this will turn to be your perfect walking companion. True-to-size, this pair is available in medium, narrow, wide, and extra wide widths.

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What are Walking Shoes?

Now you may ask what are walking shoes…

They are your regular pair of shoes designed with soft and comfortable inner soles. These shoes are ideal for women who prefer to walk a lot to keep fit and healthy. They are elegantly designed to make women who do not fancy frills and details, comfortable.

Contrary to the general belief, walking shoes are different from running shoes. Our bodies work on different mechanics when we are running or walking. This means that the shoe should be ideally designed to suit the purpose.

When we walk, the weight of our body rolls from our heels to the ball and then to our toes. But when we are running, we tend to put two to three times of our body weight to one foot and at times, both our feet are elevated from the ground.

That clearly indicates that walking running shoes cannot serve the same purpose as running shoes, although the later can still be considered for walking.

Buying the best women’s walking shoes is not difficult at all. When you consider four factors, the best choice in a women’s walking shoe will become very easy to make. These factors are:

  • your arch type,
  • your pronation,
  • your size and width,
  • your weight

Buying Women’s Walking Shoes For Your Arch

Before looking to purchase a new pair of walking shoes, it is advisable to perform the wet test first. By completing this effortless test at home, you will go a long way towards purchasing the right pair of women’s walking shoes.

While taking a shower, step out onto a piece of carpet. Immediately look at the footprint that you left behind. If you can see your entire footprint, then you have a flat or low arch. If, on the other hand, you see only the heel of your foot, the ball of a foot and, perhaps, a thin line, then you have a high arch foot. Determining your arch type is vital when choosing walking shoes for women. If you see most of the foot, but can’t see the arch, then you have a normal arch foot.

If you have a flat or low arch, then check out women’s walking shoes that will control the movement of your foot. Search for a shoe with a straight shape which has a wide base. This will assist you to manage the motion of your foot. Find for a shoe that is well-cushioned. The shoe needs to be softer on the outside of the foot and more rigid on the inside. This will produce a softer landing and give stability after the foot has landed. Ensure that the heel is wide.

If you have a normal arch, then check out women’s walking shoes that are flexible. This will ensure your foot strikes the ground naturally and allows your foot to follow through with its natural motion. Identify a shoe that has well constructed arch support. This will help keep your arch normal as you mature. Additionally search for a shoe that is nicely cushioned around the top. This will keep your foot from developing blisters from the shoe rubbing while you walk.

If you have a high arch, seek a women’s walking shoes that has a minimal amount of cushioning. You will want to buy a shoe that has a supple inside and a more rigid outside. Invest in a shoe with a box toe for the most comfort walking.

Whenever you acquire a pair of women’s walking shoes that are structured for your arch type, you will enjoy many miles of walking pleasure. Rather you have a high arch, a normal arch, or a low arch, there is a pair of women’s walking shoes that are constructed just to conform to your foot.

Choosing Women’s Walking Shoes For Your Pronation

Now, head over to your wardrobe and pull out an ancient pair of shoes. You know the type that you just can’t manage to throw away. Flip over that pair of shoes and meticulously investigate the tread of the shoe. If it is worn consistently, then you have normal pronation. If, on the other hand, you observe more wear around the big toe and on the inside part of the tread, then you are an overpronation. If you discover more wear on the outside part of the tread, then you have underpronation. Understanding what form of pronation you have is important when choosing the proper pair of walking shoes for women.

If you have overpronation, then shop for a pair of women’s walking shoes that provide excellent support. Seek out a pair of shoes which are constructed with a semi-curved last. Find a pair of walking shoes that contains superior arch support. Many shoe companies offer a support shoe and these are perfect for people with overpronation. The last thing to look for is a pair of shoes that has a thicker heel.

If you have normal pronation, then look for a pair of shoes that is flexible. These shoes permit your foot to strike the ground with its natural motion. Hunt for a pair of women’s walking shoes that do not weigh very much. Search for a pair of shoes that has a box toe, because it permits your foot the room it needs for its natural movement.

If you have underpronation, then locate an exceptionally flexible shoe. The shoe should also have no rigid arch. You should be capable of bending the shoe from toe to heel easily. People with underpronation, should look for a shoe that is highly cushioned.

You need to understand the form of pronation which you have before setting out to acquire a pair of shoes. Whenever you purchase the proper type of shoe for your pronation, then you will definitely enjoy many miles of comfortable walking. The footwear will also last longer. You will later possess a new pair of shoes that you simply can’t part with.

Buying Women’s Walking Shoes For Your Size and Width

The third point that is vital to distinguish is your shoe size and your foot width. The best way to accomplish this is to have your foot measured by a professional. It is common that women have feet that are different sizes. If you fall into this category, then purchase a shoe that is the right size and width for your largest foot.

Women’s feet change sizes over time. If you have not had your foot measured in a while, have it measured again. Make sure the person measuring your foot has many years experience. Don’t fall victim to their selling tactics. You still want to get the best price on a fantastic pair of new shoes.

Buying Women’s Walking Shoes For Your Weight

The fourth thing to know is your weight. Women who are lighter in weight require less support in their shoes. The heavier the women is the more cushioning they need in their walking shoes.

Armed with this information, you are now ready to buy a great pair of walking shoes for women.

Top 5 Brands For Walking Shoes

When thinking of buying the right pair of walking shoes, selecting the right brand is quite important. Brand signifies quality and assurance. To help you, here is a list of top five brands of walking shoes that have been the favourite of fitness enthusiasts:

Sketchers Walking Shoes

The brand of Sketchers is synonymous with great and comfortable shoes. They are both aesthetically appealing and provide great comfort to heels and ankles. With ample heel support and the inclusion of advanced technologies like shock absorption foam, they are very much popular among the celebrities and the masses alike.

The brand has been endorsed by popular celebrities like the TV reality star Kim Kardashian. This brand has also received high design ratings for being electrical hazard-safe. Few popular models of this brand also come with Ortholite sockliner so that they can be worn barefoot. The only con that is evident is its high price range and also, the fact that some people may not like the look of the shoes for everyday use.

ASICS Walking Shoes

This brand has been around in the fitness industry since a long time and is well-known for its stability. They have perfected their design and development of women’s shoes, which provide comfort and cushioning in plenty.

They have four major segments to choose from and one can chose their pick based on their preferences in shape, cushioning, weight, and support. For those who consider having flat feet as a disadvantage can rejoice over the fact that Asics has a range that particularly caters to supporting normal arch and flat feet.

Some people, however, complain that the heavy feel of the shoes make it rank slightly behind its immediate competitors.

New Balance Walking Shoes

This brand started off as a manufacturer of foot and arch support and gradually became one of the greatest shoe corporations. They specialize in making shoes of varied widths and has carved a niche for itself in the shoe industry for producing softer soles that are boon for women who love walking long distances.

The shoes are extremely lightweight and come with amazing cushioning and control technology. However, the only drawback pointed by a handful of individuals is that the shoes are too flashy to suit their personal taste.

Reebok Walking Shoes

If you consider walking as a sure-fire way to lose those extra pounds, then Reebok shoes are for you. They are designed in a way that makes you feel you can perform better in every situation.

Textured soles, cushioned ankles, mesh upper and lining, padded foot bed, rubber outsole for enhanced flexibility are only some of the multiple benefits that you can get from owning a pair of Reebok shoes.

The best part is that this brand offers you the opportunity to design your own shoes through added customization with regards to the base, overlay, sole, top, and back. The price range is something that you need to consider very carefully as you could be easily tempted to go over-budget.

Easy Spirit Walking Shoes

These shoes are believed to be an ideal combination of comfort and style. The shoes are designed to perfection with cushioned insoles and outsoles for superior comfort and durability.

Made from genuine leather, they are increasingly becoming popular. The best part is that most of the models are affordably priced between $25 and $30.

15 Tips to consider while buying walking shoes

Here are few tips you may like to consider before you go shoe shopping:

  • First and foremost understand the difference between walking shoes and running shoes. Silly, but true, many people are still not convinced that walking shoes are different from running shoes. Hence, get your information right.
  • Understand the different parts of a pair of shoes extremely well before you actually proceed to compare different brands and styles.
  • Take the measurement of your feet before you buy a pair. It is always advisable to take the measurement at the end of the day. Throughout the day your feet swells up and that can lead to the inaccurate calculations and wastage of money consecutively.
  • Try out shoes that are both flexible and offer great support. Wearing rigid footwear, on the other hand, can increase chances of injury.
  • Examine the following parts very closely when trying on a new pair of walking shoes – midsole, heel counter, insole, and toe box.
  • Ask the sales person to take the measurements of both the feet since there can be minor differences. It is always better to take the measurements while you are standing since the feet tends to expand with your body weight.
  • Pay attention to the length of the shoe along with its width and arch to avoid discomfort, pain, and injury in future.
  • Check if the shortlisted pair provides you with the required flexibility, stability, and comfort.
  • Consider the extra features like shock absorption, before investing in a pair. It may seem that a regular pair may be adequate if you take to walking every day. But when you have made it a habit, the added features definitely help.
  • Buy a pair, which may initially seem very tight. Though it is a fact that the pair goes through a break-in period, but if they feel too tight initially that means they are too small for your feet.
  • Try the shoe with the lace on several times before you buy. Walk up and down the store to make sure you have got the fit right.
  • Consider the environment or terrain you will be walking on. For a more rugged surface, you will need a sturdy pair of walking shoes.
  • Try and pick up a pair that does double duty. Latest technologies has helped in creating shoes that allow to burn calories much faster than expected.
  • Check the wear of your old shoes and then ask the sales person to recommend the best walking shoes for the type of feet you have. You would either be a supinator or pronator.
  • Last, but not the least, consider buying a pair which is well within your budget. Better still, you set a budget from beforehand and then go shoe shopping


We all know that walking helps to lower the levels of stress, increase our metabolism, and also reduce the threat of heart attack. Hence, the right pair of walking shoes can boost your walking regime to a great extent.

Choosing the right kind of footwear will ensure that your feet is cushioned well and the chances of blisters, back problems, knee issues, and other health related problems are drastically reduced. When your entire body weight comes on your feet, you realise only then how crucial it is to have the best supportive fit.

There are few people who can adjust to their walking shoes right away, but for others it takes a lot of time. So, take some extra time to decide and buy the right pair as you will be able to lose weight fast and also, enjoy other health benefits as well.

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