3 Characteristics of an Hour Glass Figure

Marilyn Monroe, we all know who she is and more importantly we all can recognize her audacious and voluptuous plus size hourglass figure! Marilyn’s sultry looks and  classic figure became one the most discussed topics of all times! She was a true hourglass body shape, and most importantly she was a plus size woman!

The hourglass figure, also known as the 8-Frame Shape is a well known and widely desired shape among Hollywood stars.  When a woman has an hourglass figure, learning how to dress and accessorize her body to emphasize and enhance her natural curves is essential!

Characteristics of an hour glass figure:

  1.  A woman with an hour glass figure is that she is normally very curvy and the body is perfectly balanced, top to bottom. There is no mistaking, an hourglass shape is all woman when it comes to her curves!
  2. An hourglass figure has a full bust, and a small waist (usually 10 inches smaller than the bust or hip measurements) regardless of weight.
  3.  A woman with an hourglass figure is fortunate enough to gain weight evenly all over her body.

A woman with an hourglass figure is usually the easiest to shop for.

I believe knowing your correct body shape will make things much easier when it comes to shopping and styling for you.

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